Boys Sessions

As Golus becomes increasingly tumultuous, we strive to breathe refreshing spirit into our youth. The Rebbe instructed that Camp Gan Yisroel combine physical amenities with core Chassidishe values.

Blending an exciting program and devoted personal attention with an unparalleled Chassidishe warmth, CGI Detroit will provide your child with the ultimate summer experience.
Each day in CGI Detroit is exhilarating. The daily schedule is well-balanced with thrilling activities and sufficient time for learning and Davening. Adventurous trips give kids action and excitement they’ll never forget.
·         Our sports program is world-class, using sophisticated and extensive sports equipment, run by experienced coaches. Our newest features include a brand-new baseball diamond, sports equipment and a fleet of new mountain bikes.

·         Every child gets to enjoy a variety of courses such as Red-Cross certified swimming lessons, Canoe and Kayak instructions, Arts & Crafts, and many others.

·         Striving to live up to the Rebbe’s demands of Camp Gan Yisroel, a comprehensive learning program is designed to make campers love learning and focuses on building lifelong learning skills.

·         Every opportunity is used to strengthen Hiskashrus and feeling for the Rebbe. Rambam Club, Farbrengens and other programs which provides camp with the feeling “Az Der Rebbe Lebt” within us.

·         Our team of carefully chosen staff are earnest well trained Chassidisher Bochurim, who care for every camper and motivate growth in Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit.

·         Bunks and Learning classes are purposely kept to small groups to ensure maximum attention is given to each camper.

·         The Head Staff dedicate their year to planning and creating a phenomenal summer for each child. In addition to building and maintaining a terrific camp program, they supervise the staff and campers closely to make sure that every child is flourishing in the camp environment.

·         Camp Mashpia Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Gourarie and Camp Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Lifshitz work together with the Head staff, mentoring and guiding every aspect of the summer

Special Program:
Bar Mitzvah Division
BMD Program: Special program focusing specifically on the needs of boys in their Bar Mitzvah year. Warm Chassidishe atmosphere instilling a Chayus & Geshmak for learning, Chassidishe Hanhoga and Middos that will last for a lifetime. Waiters program…
Camp Gan Yisroel - Detroit
1450 Lake Valley Road N.E. Kalkaska, Michigan. 49646
A division of the Lubavitch Foundation - Michigan.
Affiliated with Merkos L'inyonie Chinuch - under the leadership of the Lubavitch Rebbe O.B.M.
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