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Camp Gan Israel Detroit
Lubavitch City, Michigan

Established 5721 - 1961


For 55 years, Camp Gan Yisroel in Lubavitch City, Michigan has been providing boys and girls with a truly magical summer experience as they spend their days surrounded by good friends and dedicated staff members, inspiring them to grow in their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit.

From the exciting daily activities to the incredibly warm environment, Camp Gan Yisroel offers personal attention to each and every camper, with multiple programs geared to different age groups, providing an uplifting summer laden with fun, excitement and an opportunity for personal growth.

 Located on a 660-acre nature reserve of lush forests and natural habitats in Northern Michigan, Camp Gan Yisroel is the perfect setting for an enjoyable camping experience, where campers come in touch with the beauty of Hashem's world. In addition to a state of the art pool and other exciting facilities, a private 25 acre lake in the center of camp, which is viewable and enjoyed through the day and night, offers boating, swimming, and great scenery, making Camp Gan Yisroel truly a magical oasis for campers and staff members alike.
 With three private lakes, miles of hiking trails and numerous playing fields, campers experience a wide range of outdoor activities including rowing, canoeing, swimming, nature walks, basketball,  baseball, football, soccer and mountain biking. Red Cross WSI-certified lifeguards provide personalized swimming lessons during every activity period. Indoor activities include floor hockey, professional arts & crafts and woodworking, photography, and basic computer instruction.

Camp Gan Yisroel's success lies with our devoted and caring staff, carefully selected for their dedication, sensitivity, and understanding of children's needs. Our relatively low staff/camper ratio guarantees each camper proper attention and care, nurturing his or her confidence and positive attitude throughout the summer and tending to their every physical, emotional, and spiritual need.

The Camp Gan Yisroel experience is more than just a summer of fun and learning. The enthusiastic approach to the lifestyle in "The Rebbe's Camp" creates the legendary atmosphere of our camp. Leaving a lasting impression, remembered for a lifetime.
A Health Officer is always on site attending to any medical needs, as well as the full staff of certified lifeguards supervising all water related activities. The importance of personal and environmental cleanliness is continuously stressed and encouraged. In addition to the Health Center, maintained and on-call 24 hours a day, all sports facilities, particularly the waterfront, are equipped with the latest in safety equipment.
Camp Gan Yisroel - Detroit
1450 Lake Valley Road N.E. Kalkaska, Michigan. 49646
A division of the Lubavitch Foundation - Michigan.
Affiliated with Merkos L'inyonie Chinuch - under the leadership of the Lubavitch Rebbe O.B.M.
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