Boys Visiting Day 2018

We are pleased to present you with all the details and arrangements you need to know for Visiting Day this Sunday:


Sunday, 7/8 is from 1:00pm - 6:00pm EST.

To ensure a smooth and successful schedule for your child, we ask that parents please respect these times. Any parent or relative who wishes to take a camper off grounds for a short while must get permission from a head counselor and sign out in the camp office.  You may not take other children off of camp grounds unless we have written permission from their parents. Please remember to check back in when you return.

• Guests are to park their cars in the parking lot located at the North entrance. (This is the second entrance when you come from Lake Valley Road.)


The speed limit in camp is 15 Miles per hour. There are roads in camp that are one way, and some roads have sharp curves, so please follow the signs and speed limit carefully since children are constantly walking around. Please keep the use of vehicles to a minimum.

• We welcome all parents and relatives to use our beautiful grounds, sports fields etc. while you are visiting.The lakefront, however (which is marked by the Eruv), cannot be used without a lifeguard present.


• If you are bringing any children, KNOW WHERE THEY ARE AT ALL TIMES.


If your child is not getting a visitor, please know that he will be in the majority and a day of camp fun and activities will be taking place. Additionally, campers who do not have visitors will have the option to call home.


Please see below for the suggested tip amounts for the dedicated staff who work hard every day to make your son's summer a memorable one.


Suggested tips amount:

Counselor: $35

Learning Teacher: $25

Waiter: $15



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Affiliated with Merkos L'inyonie Chinuch - under the leadership of the Lubavitch Rebbe O.B.M.
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