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Shluchim Scholarship Raffle

And the winners are...

Menachem FellerWest St. Paul
Chayim MishulovinPortland
Mussy litzmanSeoul
Shua MagalnicRancho Palos Verdes
Yehuda PinsonBrussels
Yitzchok GurevitzPhiladelphia
Shlomo cohenCharlotte
Simcha BackmanGlendale
Meir Shlomo SudakLondon
Lewin Devorah leahQuebec city
Mendel ScharfOak park
Doba WeberHuntingdon Valley
Michoel DanowLeeds
Shmuel NovackJacksonville
Menachem Mendel LaberTroy
Shmuel GanczMontebello
Henya MatusofMadison
Mendel ShapiroFlagstaff
Levik ZwiebelChico
Daniel SrugoBonita
Goldie TiechtelChampaign
Moshe LieblichWilmington
Yossi and Esty ZaklikofskyBellaire
Yossi SpritzerChatsworth
Golda LitvinLouisville
Nechama HechtCortland
Sholom MannHuntington Woods
Yisrael PinsonDetroit

The winners will receive an email with their coupon code. 

For any questions, please email registration@cgidetroit.com

About the raffle:

Dear Shluchim,
While snow blowers and shovels begin to make their appearances and
winter's cold is setting in, we at Gan Yisrael Detroit, are already thinking
of the summer. Not because the low numbers on the thermometers scares us,
but because the cold winds of the outside world blow strong. 
It is for this reason that for the past 55 years, from its very creation,
we have molded our camp to be the place where the warmth of Chassidishkeit shines.
The excitement and Chayus that envelopes camp from the very first day, 
until the buses roll out at the end, sends the young campers home with an
unmatched feeling of Hiskashrus and warmth for Chassidishkeit to help them
through the cold months that follow. In light of the legendary experience,
both B'gashmiyus and B'ruchniyus, that CGI offers, we know it tops the list
of where and how you want your son to spend his summer. However,
the decision will sometimes be a financial one and we understand that.    
These wonderful weeks spent at camp in the summer, however, take months of
preparation to reach the level of excellence you have come to expect. 
We are therefore excited to inform you that a wonderful opportunity has now
become available, to all Shluchim looking to send their boys to camp this year.
With a generous sponsorship by Lubavitch Foundation of MI, we will be raffling off
30 vouchers to help 30 different families cut the cost of camp tuition by $500.
What do I have to do to enter?
No, you don't have to fill out any lengthy surveys or fill out mountains of paperwork.
Simply let us know you are interested, by entering your name in the box above.
We constantly strive to give your children the best experience ever,
while keeping down the costs and we thank you for your loyalty to CGI Detroit.
But hurry, the drawing is on Sunday, Jan. 8.
*Eligibility for the vouchers depends on qualification for the lunch program.
This is limited to one per family, is non-transferable and only for boys grade 3-6.
Please contact our office for any questions in this regard. 
Camp Gan Yisroel - Detroit
1450 Lake Valley Road N.E. Kalkaska, Michigan. 49646
A division of the Lubavitch Foundation - Michigan.
Affiliated with Merkos L'inyonie Chinuch - under the leadership of the Lubavitch Rebbe O.B.M.
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