Gan Yisroel Year RoundGan Yisroel Year Round


Color War – Theme Song Team Yochid

T.T.T.O. Sholom Aleichem

An ordinary day, in kollel he sits
With a chavrusa he does study
Message received, a mission proposed
Accepting immediately

Taken aback by his quick choice
To relinquish a life of own person
His friends being troubled inquire of him
Demanding an explanation.

As soldiers in an army with the general’s commands
Feelings and thoughts do not take a stand
A mission I’ve been given which I must heed
My emotions I will not concede

To a master I belong, whatever his will
Without hesitation his demand I’ll fulfill
For this is my being, him I do serve
Without regarding my concerns. 

Color War – Theme Song Team Echod

The day-begins his work does start
His mission has begun,
As a shliach to his town
Affecting everyone.
A precious soul, a yid he finds
A mitzvah he does do,
Reaching towards each and every Jew.

As time does pass he is asked
From where does this come,
Devotion to the task,
Joy-fully done.
From where do you get this complete sincerity,
Without asking what’s in it for me.

The answer is so clear
It’s the Rebbe whom I hold so dear
I recognize his greatness can’t you see.
Kindling souls far and near
His Torah makes all crystal clear
His words make all doubts disappear

Aha, hey!
His Shluchim spread across the globe
Revealing the essence of the world
Dira Bitachtonim is-his goal.

Aha, hey!
I’m connected one with him
I do love and cherish him
His commands I want to fulfill
No matter what or where I’ll be
I’ll understand, it’s clear to me

I’m his Shliach. It is plain to see.
With this love and connection, I do as told
For his Kavonoh I give my soul
His will with passion I happily fulfill.

Aha hey!
I’m connected one with him…

Color War – Alma-Mater Team Yochid

TTTO Shomra

I sit alone, Counselor at my side
The feelings I can’t hide, As I begin to cry

Looking on, A summer here to spend
The pain I have no friends, Oh when will it all end?

With loving care, He tries to comfort me
How fun a camp could be, Give it time you’ll see

The wind blows by, No answer was received
My counselor stands to leave, I’m back alone to grieve

As a sunset in gan Yisroel
There’s a camper whose spirit is reaching its low
With no chayus at learning nor benching
Oy Rebbe help me to teach him to grow

Awake at night, My mind begins to flow
From far I see a glow, From far I see a glow

My counselor sits, A letter in his hand
Temptation I can’t stand, An explanation I demand

I look around, The letter I do see
An answer it must be, It’s talking about me

Dear Rebbe your Gan Yisroel
Has effected and helped me to gain and to grow
The Chayus the learning the benching
Oy Rebbe I sing as a Chosid I’m home

Recording of the song:

Color War – Alma-Mater Team Echad

Sitting at the Ohel, preparing
For the time when we will have the zechus,
Children, so precious, waiting to receive,
To learn from us how to live

Thinking back, remembering
Our years in camp, our memories
The nights, spent Farbrenging,
Our counselor, with us sitting

As he speaks, he is reliving:
In my father’s arms I am held,
As the Rebbe in-shul we beheld,
Walking swiftly to his place–

I remember, Seeing his holy face.
Moving quickly through the line,
In-his holy gaze I stand,
A smile spreads across my face,

Receiving, A dollar from his hand.
But now we sit here,
Years have passed,
Now we prepare to do that task, How
Will we give to them, How
Will we inspire them,
What do we have to share?

Although, With this question we remain.
Together With them we must attain
Connection must shine through
In all that we do,

To live with you, dear Rebbe, every day.
How are we expected to relay,
While we-ourselves struggle day to day,
How are we our task to begin,
Without even memories to relive.

Though, with this question we remain.
With them we are sure we will attain A Connection
And live with you, every day.
And we are sure that soon we will be,
Together with them,
In seven seventy, all questions
Now replaced with clarity.