Gan Yisroel Year RoundGan Yisroel Year Round


Three Weeks – Theme Song Team Tziur

Mendel is lost
He doesn’t understand
In his mind it just does not fit
He invests all his koichos
To listen to demands
But a Chayus he does not possess

He Davens and learns
On Mivtzoim he goes
Learning Sichos it’s all good and fine
But to feel and to care
To mature and to grow
A Derher he wishes he had

A picture stands out his eyes is does meet
The Rebbe the Nosi Hador
He closes his eyes and imagines the scene
The Rebbe right here with me

Simple contemplation is all he needs
The connection to the Nosi Hador
Full of emotion he finally feels free
With strength so much more than before

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Three Weeks – Theme Song Team Shreiben

Over hills past the mountains
Sits a prince lost deep in though
From his father he is farther
Than he’s ever been before

His hearts burning he is yearning
To relate to his own past
But he’s fallen so far from home
I am stuck, he must confess

On the table there lies a quill
Without thinking there burst forth a will
To his father, he will write
A long letter deep in the night

Of his troubles and of his plight
Of the battles he had to fight
He has realized that your father
You don’t hold back – just write.

A young Chossid in despair
He has slipped up to many times
In the darkness, the light is calling
But to reach its much to far

There are time when – i do win
Then there’s moments – i give in
Who can help me to lift me up
To wipe away my tears

It is then that he realizes that
A son of the Rebbe i am
A loving father does not feel bothered
When his child shares how he feels

My instinct my natural feel
To share how i’m doing – be real
This uncovers a bond so deep
To my father i’m so near

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Color War – Theme Song Team Eichus

TTTO: Nashi Kramki

In the forest Stands a soldier
Listening to his commander,
On a tough mission he is sent
To fight and to succeed

He walks away in frustration
Troubled in deep confusion,
He cannot help but feel unsure
Is this what he must do?

“I don’t begin to understand
Why listen to demands,
I’d rather be on my own,
And just be left alone!

“I do not feel, I do not care,
My passion does not lie here,
All this trouble to go through
Is this something I should do?”

A moment a second – That’s all he needs to conclude:
My entire purpose is fulfilling what my leader says that I must do,
The command that I just received is the purpose of my being,
Though I do not comprehend or feel – I will carry on with zeal
A soldier in the army doesn’t pick and choose – nor does he refuse
With such a soldier a commander leads theway!

The feeling is not what counts
What matters is the bottom line
Through the mission I receive
A connection I achieve

We are the Rebbe’s Mentchen
Without asking “why” or “when”
To see our Shlichus through
And greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu

Color War – Theme Song Team 

Color War – Alma-Mater Team Eichus

T.T.T.O chamol 

I stand for hours absorbing words so bright,
Soaking in his presence filled with light,
From all the thousands standing there, the Rebbe turns my way,
L’chaim V’livracha he does say.

Entering the Rebbe’s heiligeh room,
He looks at me and sees me through and through,
His guidance shows the way, directs my every day,
In his presence I know I belong.

But now that I don’t see, I feel so confused,
Overwhelmed with pain, I fear I can’t continue,
Darkness fills my soul, my strength is not the same,
My heart cries out if only I could be –

In the time I used to hear the הוראות oh so very clear,
The care I would receive, that personal connection,
I know you’re with me now, but my senses won’t allow,
To feel the close connection as before

But I look around and see your koach growing stronger,
From around the world they come to you – to receive your bracha,
(Looking deeper I can) Though I do not see, you continue to carry me,
Our bond is real – transcends all boundaries

In truth the Rebbe lives, each year that passes more and more,
It’s up to us to rise up and reveal the essence of our souls,
Immersing ourselves in his Torah and advice,
Igniting our whole being with his light

But that is not enough, we must go out and bring along
The message of our nossi to the heart of each and every one
‘till every yid attains a connection that’s revealed
Then our mission will have been fulfilled

Color War – Alma-Mater Team