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3 week program​​


Boys 3 Week Program Announcments

Exciting New Changes!

We are proud to announce exciting changes in Gan Yisroel! With boys camp having 2 full sessions now, we have decided to move the camp to a new location, where they won’t have to move during the summer. We are looking at a few different locations in Northern Michigan, that can accommodate our b”h growing camp for the full 8 weeks. With this move we are also able to change the dates to match the yeshivas and schools. The new dates are: First session: Tuesday, June 22 (12 Tammuz) – Tuesday, July 20 (11 Av) Second session: Tuesday, July 20 (11 Av) – Monday, Aug. 16 (8 Elul) We are looking forward to another exciting and successful summer!



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