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As this is a very fluid situation, as soon as we have the guidelines from the State Licensing /County Health Department we will let you know. Rest assured that we will be running a safe and smooth summer IYH, as we did last summer, following all the guidelines.

Scholarships are given on a case by case basis. If you would like to request a scholarship, make sure to fill the scholarship form during the registration process. 

There is a $200 for those who are approved for the Summer Food Service Program.
Additionally there are other 3rd party scholarships, such as…

Yes. While filling out the application form you will have the choice of 3 people. Camp will try to honor at least 1 request.


Please click here to see the transportation information.

Yes. Emails will go out, constantly updating the parents the status of your child, including when they arrive in camp. As well as the chaperones contact information. 


During the registration process, if you selected any type of allergy or medical concern, our nurse, Mrs. Lifshitz will reach out to you to discuss all the details. You can find her contact on the contact page.


Your child’s birthday during camp will not go unnoticed. Here’s what we have planned: 

Your child will be taking out on the day of her birthday to learn something and write a pan. And camp will provide a home-baked cake for the bunk to enjoy during lunchtime. If you would like to do anything more, please touch base for the division heads’ phone number so you can call her to discuss.

If your child is celebrating a Bas Mitzvah or Hanachas Tefillin or Bar Mitzvha, please reach out to appropriate division. Contact page.

Campers will be calling home 2 times during the course of camp this summer. You will be receiving an email a day before the call date so you can be prepared to take the call.

Please note that there will not be visiting day this year in camp. Additionally, nobody would be able to come into campgrounds while camp is in session.

Yes. In the Parent Dashboard (under the Camp Today section) you have that option. The camp office will print emails once a day and deliver it during lunchtime. 

Campers can not receive any packages once camp begins. Please be sure to ship your packages ahead of time BEFORE campers arrive in campgrounds. 

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