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Relive Hiskashrus war of the first session in Gan Yisroel!

On this page, you will find all you need to re-experience the iconic and historic Hiskashrus war between team Eved and team Tzava!

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Theme Song Team Tzovo

T.T.T.O. Harninu Leilokim

Drafted to the army, there to win the war,
Tasked with a position, they are to carry forth,
Each one is unique, something only he can do,
To execute their mission, with which to carry through.

Every soldier is cut out for something of his own,
Developing his skills to heights he’s never known,
With one in intelligence, the other on the ground
They can be victorious on all of those around.

Chorus: Aha, ahey, ayayay
To utilize his talents is every soldier’s role,
Improving it and building it, to achieve their goal,
For the final victory, the army as a whole
Depends on each one giving every aspect of his soul.

Theme Song Team Eved

T.T.T.O. Emes Malkeinu

In camp he arrives,
towards the shul he walks alone.
Picturing a summer,
with so much still unknown.

Your staff chose to come,
The head counselor did explain.
Though by staying in yeshiva,
They had much more to gain.

Counselor please tell me, why is it so
A summer of learning to forgo
You give to us campers, each moment each day,
Always at our side you do stay.

My camper there’s something, that you must learn,
It’s not about enjoyment, or what may be earned.
The plan that was made must be fulfilled,
To this I’ve given over my will

It’s for this exact reason I came here with you,
with the same joy and chayus in all that I do.
Through this dedication a connection is formed,
much deeper than our actions on our ow

Alma-Mater Team Tzovo

TTTO: Vhu Keili

Standing in the heat,
Walking down the street
Going with his father, holding tefillin,
Hayom yom on the way
To school every day,
Each morning – the Rebbe’s Tehillim.

“I always try my best
To do as you request
Fulfilling my mission as directed,
But I wish I could feel
How our bond is real;
If only I felt more your presence.”

Chorus (sing twice)
The meals Friday night,
The duchos they write,
Living Veholachta Bidrochov,
Through songs that are sung
Their spirits become
Completely invigorated
(Second time, repeat:)

It permeates his soul
His being as a whole;
His life infused with a passion.
“Now I do feel
How our bond is real
Experiencing personal connection.”

“The meals Friday night,
The duchos I write,
I’m living Veholachta Bidrochov,
Through songs that are sung
My spirit becomes
Completely invigorated!”

By the meal Friday night
With all of his might
“Harachaman Hu Yevoreich Es Adoneinu,”
A heartfelt wish so real,
Finally I feel
Your presence here with me,
Right here with me!

Alma-Mater Team Eved

T.T.T.O. Machnisei Rachamim (MBD)

Thousands and beyond
To each one you respond
Giving them Brachos to succeed

Our letters in your hand
For hours you do stand
Davening for all that we need

Torah you do share
For all of us to hear
Lessons to be a better Jew

The message is conveyed
Through loving care displayed
you think of us in everything you do

Oy, Oy, Oy

“Thank you Rebbe” simply won’t suffice
I’m ready to give back with sacrifice
Although what I’ll do will not compare
All of us will do our share
Your attention to me is so dea-eee-r

As a chosid, I know what I must do
“Rebbe I will give my life to you”
To achieve your rotzoin is my will
whatever it is, I’ll do with zeal
till your mission will have been fulfilled

Theme Speeches

Theme Speech Team Tzovo

Team of Eved listen up!

Winning team of Tzavah pick up your cups!!

Gut Yomtov!

Theme Speech Team Tzovo

Team of Eved listen up!

Winning team of Tzavah pick up your cups!!

Gut Yomtov!

Honored Judges, His Majesty Rabbi Gourarie,

Can I have your attention for a quick story?

In a nice Jewish home, in a quaint little town,

A young boy Irving was living – 60 years ago – around

Best in his class he rose to the top,

To learn he loved – he never stopped.

Off to college he went – successful he became,

A leader in philosophy – a great future full of fame.

One bright summer day Irving hears something new,

Yiddishkeit? The Rebbe? – of these he never knew!

To Yechidus he does enter – his life changed forever

Shabbos, his beard, are just some of his new endeavors!

Irving?! – That was nice for when I was a kid!

Yitzchok! That’s a name for a new Chossid!

770 he went, textbooks! – I’ll let them go!

I’d rather learn Torah – after all, philosophy I know!

In Yechidus he goes – advice he does need,

Philosophy – what a bore! – being a Rabbi is what’s for me.

An answer he got – straight to the point:

Talents you have – oh! Don’t disappoint!

Hashem gave you brochos – in philosophy you star,

Use it out for the Kavanah – just stick with who you are!

Yitzchok left devastated!

My future is philosophy – is this why I was created?!

Nu nu… I guess I can get a job teaching…

But with my long beard and Yarmulkah – how many Yidden will I be reaching?!

Yitzchok started giving classes at a New York college,

He was mekarev so many Yidden – using his talent of knowledge.

“You know what?!” thought Yitzchok, “These talents are real treasures!”

“When I use my talents I can succeed beyond measure!”

The message is clear, it’s not so hard to understand –

Do you have a talent in your head or hands?

Let’s pledge all of our talents to help out our friends!

We’ll effect our club, community, country and world – and this Golus we will end!!

Wait! One more thing – today is my birthday!

Let me use my special kochos to bentch you all,

That soon we’ll see our Rebbe – and the Golus walls will fall!

Let’s lift our voices together – and let’s all exclaim,

A song of longing to the everlasting A-Frame!

Make an A-Frame with your hands!

But wait! My friend Levi has a talent he can show,

Listen up as he sings and performs like a pro!!

“The A-Frame stands against the sky,

Surrounded by the clouds”

Theme Speech Team Eved

Chief Justice Gourarie, Honorable Judges, Team of Tzava and winning team of EVED!!!!

Theme Speech Team Eved

Chief Justice Gourarie, Honorable Judges, Team of Tzava and winning team of EVED!!!!

It is my honor and privilege to wish you all on this special night – A Gut Yom Tov!

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְ‑יָ אֱ‑לֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם שֶׁהַכֹּל נִהְיָה בִּדְבָרוֹ!

Over the past 48 hours, we spent our time Koching in these two amazing themes – Eved and Tzava. We watched as the Toichen was brought out in plays, we sang along with the beautiful songs, written by both teams and we listened to many – but not nearly enough – speeches explaining these special themes.

All of this was a build up to this very moment. We are now standing at the climax of the entire Hiskashrus war – the grand sing – the big event we’ve all been waiting for! 

The thought that should be entering the minds of every camper and staff member at this moment is, “how will I bring the entire experience of these two days with me throughout the rest of my summer and in the rest of the year ?”

In order to accomplish this, each one of us needs to sit and contemplate on our own, how we can bring it into our life. But the least I can do is share a quick story to make it easier for you:

This is a story about the Chassid Reb Yosef Baal Agala (the Wagon Driver) from Beshenkowitz.

Reb Yosef was a great Talmid Chochom, he spent 20 hours a day delving into the deepest parts of the Torah. In fact, before he received the name Yosef Bal Agala he was known as Reb Yosef Bal Hasbara. Limud Hatorah was his entire life!

When Reb Yosef was in Liadi in 5564, at the ripe age of 60 years, he entered Yechidus and the Alter Rebbe told him that he should learn the Shisha Sidrei Mishnah Baal Peh. then the Alter Rebbe added that he should get married and have children, and for the sake of his Neshama it would be better to be a wagon driver than a Rov.

Obviously Reb Yosef was very taken aback by his Rebbe’s words but knew what had to be done. He returned home ,got married and had a child. 

Approximately 10 years later Reb Yosef was offered the prestigious position of Rov in Lipele. Immediately he remembered the Rebbe’s words 10 years earlier and knew this would not be a simple decision.

For a month he struggled with the idea, should he give up 70 years of Limud Hatorah to be a wagon driver, how can he possibly do that? On the other hand this is what the Rebbe wanted of him, how can he go against his Rebbe?

One day Reb Yosef made his way to one of the Inns where the wagon drivers would stop and as he was coming closer, the drivers greeted him and asked him where he needed to go. Embarrassed, he told them he wanted to learn the trade of a wagon driver. The drivers looked at eachother with disbelief. “Rebbe” one of the drivers called out with a smile, “You will understand hilchos hagala – the laws of Kashering Keilim – better than hilchos agala” after the laughing stopped, one driver who knew that Reb Yosef would never make such a joke, took him to the side and began to teach him the trade.

The wagon driver showed him how to harness a horse, how to place the straps its neck, the saddle over its back, and the reins in place. He also taught him how to grease the wheels.

R’ Yosef became filthy with mud. Discouraged, R’ Yosef went home to change his clothes. Then he went to shul to daven Mincha and to give a shiur.

When he arrived home that night Yosef decided that the right thing to do was to tell his wife the truth and confirm the rumors that he went to learn the trade of a wagon driver. 

After hearing the entire story his wife told him that he must fulfil his Rebbe’s wishes and become a wagon driver, in fact, she decided at that moment that she will sell all her jewelry the following day so he can purchase a wagon.

That Shabbos Reb Yosef was still having second thoughts, he knew that he was doing the right thing but for some reason it was not sitting well with him. He discussed this with Reb Chaim Yehoshua, a Chassid of the Alter Rebbe who was a wagon driver himself and upon hearing the story Reb Chaim Yehoshua jumped out of the chair and told him “Reb Yosef why are you sad, your fulfilling the Rebbe’s directive – you’re dropping everything and doing what the Rebbe wants!”

Reb Yosef went on to be a wagon driver – the best wagon driver he could! Putting every ounce of energy in to this amazing opportunity and directive the Rebbe gave him.

Tayere Chassidim of team Eved!!!!

This is not a story about how Reb Yosef received his name of Reb Yosef Bal Agala! This is a story about how Reb Yosef became an Eved – entirely  given over to the Alter Rebbe!

This is what it means to be an Eved, when the Rebbe wants something from us – we do it, even if it means giving up 70 years of Limud Hatorah!

“An Eved is someone who is completely given over to the master, someone who has no Metzius for himself – Kol Ma Shekono Eved, Kono Rabo – Whatever the Eved acquires, the master acquires.”

This is our Avodah, to reach a level where everything we do – we do it for the Rebbe – because the Rebbe wants us to do it.

We must apply this idea in our day to day life, everything we do must be done for the Rebbe, whether it’s setting up chairs for a event or sitting and learning Rambam. It is vital for us to stop and think before every action we take, is this being done for the Rebbe – does the Rebbe want me to be doing this right now.

This is it, this is who we are – chassidim of the Rebbe – given over to his every call.

As we stand here together, on this holiest of holy nights at a Chassidisher Farbrengen, it is an ideal time for each and every one of us to take on a Hachlota Tova, on how we will strengthen our commitment in fulfilling what the rebbe want of us.

Join me in pledging our will to the Rebbe, pledging to think before we do anything, is this what the Rebbe wants!

L’chaim Chassidim!

Color War Plays!

Gan Yisroel Year-Round would like to thank our dear photographer and videographer Yossi Sassonkin for putting in many hours of work so the campers can relive their summer experience in Gan Yisroel. Thank you Yossi!

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