This summer, we will be celebrating an extraordinary milestone at Gan Yisroel Tustin Michigan. For an incredible forty years, Rabbi Yosef Y. Gourarie, our beloved camp Mashpia, has dedicated his summers to the campers and staff of Gan Yisroel, creating an environment filled with warmth and love toward the Rebbe, and  Yiddishkeit. His unwavering devotion to Gan Yisroel has affected thousands of campers, raising the next generation of Chassidim.

Please join us for a day of Farbrengens and Hakhel as we celebrate four decades of devotion, dedication, and commitment. A first-of-its-kind, special event will be taking place on Sunday, the 27th of Tammuz, in the beautiful new grounds of Gan Yisroel in Tustin, Michigan, all the necessary information to join this event can be found below.

Please fill out the short form below to RSVP and share your information so we can plan accordingly. 

We understand that making the journey to camp is not simple and greatly appreciate those who are able to join us. If there is anything that you need to help you confirm this trip, or if you have any questions please reach out to Levi Raichik, (740) 590-7474 or email

Looking forward to celebrating with you!


The event will take place on Sunday, the 27th of Tammuz, July 16th 2023
The program will begin early afternoon at 2-3pm and will be followed by Farbrengens into the night, details TBA.


Camp Gan Yisroel, Boys
14901 4-H Dr, Tustin, MI 49688


There are three airports within a four hour drive of camp: TVC (1 hour) | GRR (1.5 hours) | DTW (3 hours) | ORD (4 hours)


There are multiple hotels within a 15 minute drive from camp. Transportation to and from the hotel will be provided.