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Secrets from the head staff:
Hiring the head staff, Part 4

Now that we have established the history of our dear Head Counselors in Gan Yisroel, let’s go back to Chai Elul 5777 when three mysterious people received the same interesting phone call.

It was a warm morning in Baltimore Maryland, Levi Katz woke up early, went to Mikvah, and began his day, it was an average day for Levi, with a lot of learning and some bullshoving. Levi was still on a high from his first summer as a staff member in Detroit, although starting in a new Yeshivah had to have affected his close connection with camp, he couldn’t really focus on Gan Yisroel all day…

At 3:00 pm as Levi sat down to eat his delicious pizza lunch, he received a phone call, not expecting it to be anything interesting he answered the call right then and there.

At the very same time in Morristown, New Jersey, Mendel Azimov was coming from an important meeting with Reb Leima when he also received a phone call, Mendel went to a quiet area to answer the call and was utterly shocked when he heard who was on the other line.

While all this was going on Levi Shemtov as well was disturbed from his Rambam Chavrusa with the phone call.

And who was on the other line was none other than Rabbi G!

Rabbi G received tremendous reports on these three people and decided to call them that very day to hint to them their bright future in Gan Yisroel.

Not wanting to give too many details Rabbi G simply said “5781. Get ready for an amazing summer, you have been chosen.”

The reaction to the phone call was interesting, none of them knew what this meant, but they felt good, they knew something big was coming, just weren’t sure exactly what.

You may be wondering what happened between 5777 to 5781 that led to their official hiring as head counselors?

For that, you will have to wait till next weeks Secrest from the head staff