Gan Yisroel Year RoundGan Yisroel Year Round


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(Tune of Kanei LeShimcha (Avraham Fried))

Standing side by side
Tears well up in their eyes
Each unaware that the other is there
Whispering a silent prayer

“Dear Rebbe, I want you to see
The children you entrusted to me —
Each one a jewel so precious and rare
You have placed into my care…

“To live with you every moment
Is the message I’ve tried to impart
To bring you lematah, together with us
Each of us doing our part…

“Now Rebbe, the summer is over —
Now that my shlichus is through —
I ask that the spirit of Gan Yisroel
Continue in all that they do!”

“Dear Rebbe, I’d like you to see
How much Gan Yisroel’s changed me —
I’m closer to you than ever before
Connected forevermore…

“My counselor, your shliach, inspired me
With true dedication and love —
His friendship I’ll treasure forever
How can I thank him enough…

“Oy Rebbe, your Gan Yisroel
Will always find place in my heart
Its chayus and warmth will remain with me
Its lessons I’ll treasure and guard!”

As the crowd in the Ohel does grow
Mendele turns to go
As he leaves, he sees a familiar face —
Camper and counselor embrace

“Goodbye, Gan Yisroel
Farewell to those wonderful times
Your memories will always be part of me
Oh Gan Yisroel, goodbye”


Tune of Achas Sho’alti (MBD))

Standing in line, deep in thought
Reliving a summer he’ll never forget
Those few weeks that he did spend
To him, so much they meant

Starting with the brachah he received
From the Rebbe, before he did leave
In camp, with the Rebbe living always
By Davenings and bentching each day

Those farbrengens we had
The hachlatos we made
The songs that we sang
In my heart will always remain

As he passes the Rebbe
His voice chokes with tears
“Rebbe, oy Rebbe
Thank you for a summer so dear”


(Tune of VeliYerushalayim Ircha (D’veykus))

I sit by my window, and my eyes do gaze around
At the place I’ll spend the summer, Gan Yisroel’s grounds
The mountains tell the story, each stone the tale unfolds
Of our forty years of memories, with parchment edged in gold

Yes, it’s right outside my window, it beseeches me to feel
My Rebbe’s holy presence, to me so very real
He beckons me to follow in the paths of those before
Who laid a path of Chassidus that will last forevermore

I sit by my window, with others just like me
At first I’m apprehensive, who my friends will be
But as time continues, friendships form as if by force
And it’s said, when based on Torah, they’re as lasting as their source

Repeat: Yes, it’s right outside my window…

I sit by my window, and sadly I do cry
For Gan Yisroel’s fading, fading from my eyes
The camp so very distant as the bus goes on its way
And my heart is filled with memories of each precious place and day

It was right outside my window, now no longer in my reach
I took in all it offered, all the lessons it did teach
Now I’ll carry them inside me, like a treasure with a key
Unfolding the potential I now know lies within me

It was right outside my window, and I know that I still feel
My Rebbe’s holy presence, to me so very real
I’ll follow where he leads me, in the paths of those before
Who laid a path of Chassidus that will last forevermore


(Tune of Vezakeinu (Avraham Fried))

The phone is still busy, I have tried for so long
But my feelings I have to let out
There is someone to thank, and I’d like to know how
Such a change in my son came about

All I had done, whatever I had tried
Yiddishkeit to Isaac was a bore
His friends, they weren’t good, they led him astray
A Jewish summer he needed for sure

Isaac now acts like a Jewish boy should
A new group of friends he has made
He davens in the siddur, pronouncing each word
In Yeshivah he now wants to stay

“Gan Yisroel, I thank you for what you have done
My son is no longer the same —
For the feeling and warmth that brought him to life
Heartfelt thanks to you I proclaim”


(Tune of Sharm El Sheikh (Jo Amar))

Alone as a camper, I stood on the side
The fear of my first year I just could not hide
But warmth of their friendship, in joining the games
Their spirit engulfed me, a part I became

The chayus at bentching, starting each day with the rebbe at our lead
Chassidishe surroundings, inspiring me
Ahavas Yisroel, the flag flying proud in the breeze
Where else can I find this — oh, how can I leave?

The new things I’ve learnt here mean so much to me
Without Gan Yisroel, oh, where would I be?
Dear friends that I made here, I can only cry
The end is approaching, I must say goodbye

“Goodbye Gan Yisroel, farewell to our wonderful times
How much will I miss what I’m leaving behind
I’m making a promise, your lessons I will not forsake —
A much better person of me they will make”


(Tune of The Search (J.E.P. vol. II))

Early one morning, just after dawn
Two campers are sitting on the front lawn
In whispered undertones, one talks to the next
What secrets they’re sharing, we can only guess

Could it be Lecha Dodi, sung under the moon
Can it be about a Carnival, or some old camp tune
Do they speak of the Grand Sing? No one can tell
But surely they’re talking of Gan Yisroel

Of the past weeks they’ve spent here, sweet memories
The spirited harmony with friends they did meet
To leave all of this behind, makes their eyes swell
Oh, surely they’re talking of Gan Yisroel

Arising up from the ground, they wipe their tears
Now, as they stop their talk, silence fills the air
But here they come closer, and their red eyes do tell
They’ve surely been talking of Gan Yisroel


(Original tune by Mendel Shemtov)

Snuggled by the fireplace one lonely winter night
Skimming through fond memories of good times as a child
The fire melts away the years, as I find myself once more
Sitting by a fire — but this time I’m not alone

My counselor is sitting beside me
My bunkmates are singing nearby
With heartfelt concern he speaks to me
The words that changed my life

How it pains my heart to realize that
Those times are forever gone
Oh, where would I be, if it weren’t for you
Gan Yisroel — I love you!


(Tune of Ke’ayal Taarog (Tzlil V’Zemer))

As he sits upon the hill, the camper’s mind roams free
To thoughts of a summer filled with fun
A summer, a summer yet to be

As he rises to greet the day, together with the sun
His wandering mind travels back, and camp has just begun

“I’ll play, I’ll laugh, I’ll learn, such fun will fill my day
Friendships forged, and friends anew I’ll meet along the way
My counselor teaching me, the Rebbe’s at my side
Guiding every Jew
Ad Mosai! we shout out loud, giving us strength anew”

His counselor’s voice beckons him from thoughts so far away
“The bus is full, go take your seat
We’re going home, we’re going home today”
As the camper looks with tears, his ticket in his hand
“What could have happened to my dream, I do not understand…

“The A-frame stands against the sky, surrounded by the clouds
The bunk stands so cold and bare, and the lake makes no sound
But I can smile as we leave, as hard as it may seem
Knowing that I’ll be back next year, and relive my dream”

Repeat: I’ll play…


(Tune of Niggun Shabbos VeYomtov (Nichoach 5/2/4))

“Excuse me, young boy, I’m from far away

Can you show me the grounds, how the camp spends its day
The fields where you play, the hall where you eat
The bunkhouses where you do sleep”

“Sure my dear friend, I’ll show you around —
But there’s much more to camp than these beautiful grounds
A life and a spirit permeates through
The things in this camp that we do”

The lawn that you see, in front of the square
Is the setting to talk to a counselor who cares
In the hall you will hear the songs that we sing
In the shul our liveliness rings

Precious time we do spend in our bunks on the hill
Where stories are told that teach us to feel
Ashreinu, we have a Rebbe so dear
Who guides us, who loves us, who cares

“So you see my dear friend, for me to relay
The true Gan Yisroel, in just one short day
Is more than just showing you beautiful grounds
It’s the feeling that just can’t be found”

“I know, as a camper, I once was here too
These feelings of warmth I shared just like you
So my dear boy, there’s no reason to cry
To camp you won’t say good-bye…

“Although years have passed since I’ve last been here
My experience follows me everywhere
Where my counselor would tell of our Rebbe so dear
He guides us, he loves us, he cares!”


(Tune of Nachamu (Tzlil V’Zemer))

A small tree grows, it’s immature
Yet raised with so much care
For these young years will set the way
The fate of its life does lie here

A group of trees are specially raised
Owned by the Nossi HaDor
With devotion and care to young children
With his love, in the machaneh they grow

“How lucky I am, that I chose to be here
In the Rebbe’s camp, never elsewhere
With pride I stand, as the Rebbe guides me
In his chinuch I’ll grow, his chossid I’ll be…

“In Gan Yisroel, he’s instilled in my heart
A connection that never can part
In Gan Yisroel, he’s instilled in my heart
A connection that never can part”


(Tune of In the Mountains (J.E.P. vol. II))

“Hello Shmuli, how are you today
How is camp, is everything okay?
Let me tell you of when here I played
And the Rebbe came to camp”

“Oh, dear father, how I wish I could
Be so close to our Nossi, then I would
Try my hardest to learn and be good
If the Rebbe came to camp”

“My dear son, remember on Chof Av
How the Rebbe looked at you with love
And you all went by the Rebbe
Oh, the Rebbe’s still with camp…

“Gan Yisroel is a fertile place
Where you grow to go the Rebbe’s ways
Soon we’ll all be in our homeland
And the Rebbe will come to camp”


(Tune of theme from “Entebbe”)

The things I learned, the games I played
In Gan Yisroel, a fun-filled day
Devoted counselors, the friends I made
The Rebbe’s camp in my heart will remain

“But dear counselor, of Chof Av I remember
Precious times with the Rebbe so clear
Those Farbrengens, the dollars, the moments we shared
How I realize it’s all different this year…

“Instead of a Farbrengen, at the Ohel we’re found
The Rebbe’s image in my mind is still sound”

Those words of passion that showed you cared
Oh, how we’re lacking it all this year
We miss those days, all full of love
A sense of guidance straight from Above

“Mendel dear, please have no fear
I know it’s harder for you this year
Those precious moments we’ll have again
Oh Rebbe, מִיר וועֶלן זִיך זעֶהן”


(Tune of Poilishe Niggun (“Tattenyu, I’m Berele Your Boy”))

In the Ohel, with tears in his eyes
Thinking of the summer gone by
“Dear Rebbe, here I stand, expressing my thanks
For the summer I spent in your camp”

The sichos I learned every day,
The stories my counselor would say
The Farbrengens Friday night, the plays in the shul
All making me feel closer to you

Oh, how excited I was when we came
Chof Av, to the shul where you davened each day
The singing and chayus, our spirits so high
The Rebbe’s camp, our pride

“In camp I have learned a true chossid to be
Remembering the Rebbe is always with me
These feelings from camp in my heart will burn
Until next year, when I return”


(Tune of the Tzemach Tzedek’s Tzam’ah Lecha Nafshi)

The sun has slowly set, and the night comes in its place
The sky is getting darker, forgotten is the day
Yet in the town there are lamps burning bright
The lamplighter is working through the night
Moving through the streets, as dark as it may be
Bringing every lamp the spark it needs

His heart ablaze with fire, the Shliach sets his path
The Rebbe lives within him, a life for all to have
No city is too dark, no person is too far
The Rebbe’s torch he proudly carries forth
He will not stop, he will not rest
He’ll make the Rebbe’s presence felt
The darkness of this golus to expel


(Tune of Together Forever (Yeedle))

As I stand at the overgrown site, I could only sigh
“Whatever happened to this spirited camp?
Oh, the memories of summers gone by!”

Reflecting on my years at Gan Yisroel
An experience unmatched in its kind
I remember how the Rebbe walked through these fields
Those moments still etched in my mind

He walked here beside us
Instilling within us the drive to achieve
The chayus he gave us
We knew of the berachos our camp would receive

And now as I visit at Gan Yisroel
My thoughts are a lifetime away
I wonder how a new generation will grow —
Will the same chayus fill each one’s day?

As my day with you campers draws to its close
What I see here allays all my fears
It’s clear to me now that the Rebbe lives on
His visit has spanned all these years

He still walks beside us
Instilling within us the drive to achieve
The chayus he gives us
We know that these berachos our camp still receives


(Tune of Bilvovi (Amudai Shaish))

Slowly, my eyes do wander
Along this magnificent shore
A scene so tranquil, it moves me —
Can one really ask for more?

Recalling the day I first came here
Just a few weeks ago
Time passed me by so swiftly
Together with camp I did grow

Oh, who can forget those Friday nights —
Remember the flag flying high —
The presence of the Rebbe, felt so near
To me, these things are so dear

Precious and joyous, this summer spent here
A spirit that will never die
It hurts and pains, still I must say
“Goodbye, Gan Yisroel, goodbye”


(Tune of Ke’ayal Taarog (Tzlil V’zemer))

“Dear Rebbe, I am writing to you
To thank you from the bottom of my heart
For a summer oh so dear, my eyes swell up with tears
From camp, it’s so difficult to part”

We learn about Moshiach each day
For your return, we do pray
Our song and our laughter, our spirits soaring high
The Rebbe’s children at play

Oy yoy yoy… Rebbe, have nachas from me
A chossid, I will now strive to be
Gan Yisroel, your camp is the garden you planted
Who are the peiros, if not we

“Oh Gan Yisroel, your joy and your pride
How it hurts me to say goodbye
Thank you, dear Rebbe,” thus ending my letter
As I wipe the tears from my eyes


(Tune of Bilvovi (Amudai Shaish))

As the sun sets over the hilltops
Its last rays turn into night
My emotions well up inside me
An end to this summer so bright

These past few days have been different
Yet comfort I managed to find
Now this last Shabbos we’ve entered
My feelings I just cannot hide

His arm on my shoulder, farbrenging with me
A chossid he tells me to be
A chassidishe niggun he sings me to sleep
“Gan Yisroel, I can’t help but weep”

As Shabbos moves on, my memories rush by
Like torrents of water, without end
The warmth and the closeness, the life and the joy
Of Shabbosim in camp that I’ve spent

The sun sets over the hilltops
Shabbos has come and gone
I feel so relieved and uplifted
For these memories will always live on

His arm on my shoulder, farbrenging with me
A chossid he tells me to be
A chassidishe niggun he sings me to sleep
“Gan Yisroel, your memories I keep”


(Tune of Avinu Malkeinu Choneinu Va’aneinu)

Dear Robert, let me describe to you
Of this summer I lived as a Jew
You’ll see that I’ve changed — I can never be the same —
Oh, how I wish you were here too

My life did not seem in control
Empty, no meaning or goal
How helpless I felt — where could I turn for help
To feel the void and thirst in my soul?

Rob, I found it here
With chassidim who really care
With achdus and love, faith in the One Above
They’ve lifted me out of despair

But it’s the Rebbe about whom I’ll speak
He makes this camp so unique
His concern for each Jew, it doesn’t matter who
Brings my soul comfort and peace

Here, davening and learning are stressed
Singing Shabbos together, I love best
Gan Yisroel, you’ve taught me a chossid to be —
Robert, please come and join me!

Repeat: But it’s the Rebbe…


(Tune of Rostover Hachanah Niggun)

A country controlled, the king is in command
Ruling everything with a powerful hand
Economy and army, his work is truly hard
But this is not what’s closest to his heart

The young bright prince, his only son —
Behaves and studies as fit for one —
Receives a royal message, he must come
“My son, although you study all year
For a while you should remain here
In my royal chamber you should be, with me”

The Rebbe’s home is our camp
Where everything goes through his hand
The bunks, the shul, and all that proudly stands
All these are and all these were
For what the Rebbe did reserve
Hours of his energy and time

Guiding his chassidim everywhere
All his work he holds so dear
But only on one thing the Rebbe writes
Nekudah Hakrova Lelibi
For now, my child will be with me”
This is the mehus of Gan Yisroel


(Tune of Vahaviosim (M.B.D.))

How are you, David, my dearest friend
From Gan Yisroel this letter I send
There’s so much to do here all day and night
I barely found time, for this letter to write

Gan Yisroel has reached into me
They’ve taught me how a proud Jew should be
You should be here, that I can tell
Please come join me in Gan Yisroel

All these ideas are to me so new
They tell me my playing can be Jewish too
Every moment is precious and dear
Why can’t this last through the entire year

Gan Yisroel has reached into me
They’ve taught me how a proud Jew should be
You should be here, that I can tell
Next year, together in Gan Yisroel!


To camp I’ll be leaving soon
I look towards the Rebbe’s room
How empty, how lonely it seems

The bochurim, they hide no grief
A dollar they’ve not received
The Rebbe’s camp — oh, what will it be?

But soon I am taken —
Through mishnayos, through farbrengens
Through his picture that I constantly hold —
To a world where I feel that the Rebbe is so near
Before me the Rebbe I behold

“Oy Rebbe, oy Rebbe, mein heiliker tatte
You’ve always been with us in a guf doh lematah
Rebbe, I love you — you know how I need you —
The pain is just too much to bear…

“As I look towards your picture, my eyes fill with tears —
Your comforting smile, so warm and so near —
I feel how you love me, you’ll always be with me
I know that I’m never alone”


(Tune of Poilishe Nigun)

“Tattenyu, I’m Berele your boy
We’re shluchim in this lonely town
Will I ever be what the Rebbe wants of me
If no one can show me how?…

“But today, I’m in Gan Yisroel —
A new world opens for me —
So many boys my age with whom friends to be
Gladness and joy fills my heart”

Oh, chassidim together with the heart of one man
Singing in prayer as only they can
With wamth and devotion our camp is alive
Raising our spirits so high

“Oh, Gan Yisroel, you’ve given me new life
You’ve shown me the road, you’ve lit for me the light
I’ll carry your torch wherever I go
Till the world becomes Gan Yisroel”


(Tune of Oh Dovid (J.E.P. vol. II))

On a busy Manhattan street corner
A young boy approaches a man
“Excuse me, sir, but would you like to put on
The tefillin I have in my hand?”

As the man starts refusing his offer
A dazed look does enter his eye
As he remembers a place that he’d loved
He breaks down and starts to cry

“Oh Gan Yisroel, I cry out in pain
It hurts to realize how far I have strayed
Ideals that you set, the friends that I met
Oh, why did I cast them aside…

“The Shabbos in camp, the songs that we sang
Resounding “Ad Mosai”s, how loud they rang
I cry for those days — young man, let’s embrace
Then please find me some tefillin of my own”


(Tune of Al Tirah Ki Yaashir Ish—Pirchei)

One winter evening, on his way home from school
Levi felt depressed and low
Problems with his family, teachers and friends
How to help himself, he did not know

Arriving at home, searching through the mail
A letter from his counselor, he did find
Activities and learning, friendships so dear
These memories flashed through his mind
Picturing himself sitting with his bunk
Remembering the times they spent together
The feelings of thanks, the joy that they felt
Expressing to the Rebbe in a letter

These memories, so clear, touched his heart
And tears began to blur his sight
A paper and a pen, he took into his hand
Once again, to the Rebbe he did write


(Tune of Aromimcha Hashem)

I shed a single tear
One day, every year
Silent, empty, suddenly alone
When all of you go home

Near Kalkaska I wait
Around the glistening lake
Yearning to hear a mishnah by heart
Oh, why do we have to part

Oh, just one more bentching to hear
Before those buses appear
Oh, how will I bear it when there is no light
In the dining room, Friday night

But looking at you as I finish this song
I know I’m coming along
Deep in your hearts I’ve kindled a flame
’Cause Gan Yisroel is my name


(Tune of Ki Hinei Kachomer)

As the months move slowly on
My chayus is almost gone
Woe is to me, what shall I do
To awaken my spirits anew

I take my Journal off the shelf
Absorbed in its pages, full of wealth
Yearning for the days of the past
Why can’t this spirit forever last

No! It’s not true, those days are alive
As a Chossid, to this I must strive
I’ll inspire my surroundings, wherever I’ll be
For your lessons are eternal in me

Davening, learning, loving each Jew
As a Chossid, it’s proper with Chayus to do
To live as a child of the Rebbe, our goal
Instilled within us in Gan Yisroel


(Tune of the Pilpul Niggun)

I sit in the Shul and wonder
What are these new words I hear
“This is the Rebbe’s camp —
Walk these grounds with care”

I am promised days of fun
Yet in the Rebbe’s way this must be —
Does the Rebbe have to be with me constantly?

Now I realize with every passing day
The Rebbe cares even how I play
Before I go to sleep, about the Rebbe I should think
To start next morning in a chossid’s way

While davening and while playing
To be a chossid I am learning
And through helping one another
Being po’el on each other

Gan Yisroel is the Rebbe’s mold
Where he forms chassidim
Every moment is so real
Near the Rebbe I do feel


(Original tune by Mendel Shemtov)

The recess bell rings, the children run out
But I remain behind
Engrossed in my thoughts, thinking out loud
A picture appears in my mind

A few weeks ago, I hardly knew
The meaning of being a Jew
But now in Yeshivah I do learn
Gan Yisroel, my thanks to you

Remembering my counselor’s devotion
His kind words filled with emotion
How can I forget the times that we spent
Oh, why do they have to end

Remembering the friends that I made
The times we laughed, the times we played
While learning the meaning of being a Jew
Gan Yisroel, my thanks to you


(Tune of Hamalach Hagoel)

Young Josh sits by the fire
Those wonderful experiences he does desire
Remembering his summer in the Rebbe’s camp
His eyes began to damp

“The achdus, the ahavah, they did show
The way the Rebbe’s teaching did flow—
I’ll never forget the lessons you did give
They’ll help me forever to live”

As a Shliach Josh does now stand
Fulfilling the Rebbe’s wish and command
Reaching into every Yid
Just like Gan Yisroel did

“The achdus, the ahavah, they did show
The way the Rebbe’s teaching did flow—
They made me feel my neshamah is real
My Yiddishkeit was truly revealed”


(Tune of Vaharikosi Lochem Brocha)

My hands outstretched and my cup is full
There I’m standing in the Rebbe’s shul
When suddenly the Rebbe turns his holy gaze to me
“LeChaim Rebbe, your chossid I should be”

The sun shines through the window in my eyes
I wake and look around my bunk surprised
How that scene repeatedly in my mind appears
Although I’ve only been six short weeks here

Oh Gan Yisroel! Although I need to thank you for the times of fun
The davening, the learning, the farbrengens as one
It’s the deep love of the Rebbe you’ve instilled within my heart
That makes it so difficult to part

Oy Vey! Though camp is almost over, and I’ll be leaving you
The fun and the excitement will be ending soon
A chossid of the Rebbe you’ve inspired me to be
Gan Yisroel, you’ll always be with me


(Tune of Venikeisi)

Standing in silence at lineup one morning
Indifferent — his thoughts far away
To camp he has come from a chassidishe home
He wonders — what more’s there to know?

But in Gan Yisroel, young Moishe is seeing
The ways of the Rebbe reflected
His love and devotion he longs to express —
Rebbe and chossid connected

“My love for the Rebbe sits idle and waits
For a chance that the Rebbe would smile
Through learning and teaching and living his ways
I’m one with the Rebbe bepo’el…

“Oy! The life of a Shliach awaits me, I know
In this direction you’ve taught me to grow
My hiskashrus inspired by Gan Yisroel
I thank you for guiding me well”

Several years later, a Shliach successful
Stands proud at his post now instilling,
In Yidden this devotion and love of the Torah
The Rebbe’s command he’s fulfilling

Repeat: My love for the Rebbe . . .


(Tune of L’maan Achai (Shlomo Carlebach))

A sign on the road caught his eye
It’s pleading, “Don’t pass me by”
To all Jewish children, the letters do yell
“Welcome to Gan Yisroel”

A rush of emotion takes hold
Drawing him into the fold
Feeling the warmth, the love and the light
Gan Yisroel on Friday night

The singing together, with pureness of heart
Was tearing his being apart
He wanted to smile, but let out a sigh
“How did I miss this,” he cried

The spirited dancing seemed calling to him
“Dovid, why not join in
In Gan Yisroel, it’s never too late
For Yiddishkeit to begin”


Sitting by the table, under the trees
Bothered by spiders, mosquitoes and bees
The learning teacher standing there, trying to teach
Searching for a way, his children to reach

I know how you want to learn, to do what is right
But you find it so difficult to put up the fight
So many distractions are constantly there
So hard to overcome, it’s really not fair

But the things that come difficult, are so much more dear
And to help you out in this fight, is why we are here
Working together, hand in hand
True soldiers, awaiting the Rebbe’s command

If only I knew, how to come across to you
How much we would accomplish, how much we could do
I spend so much time with you on my mind
Your path to hatzlachah I’m trying to find

If you’d only realize, we’re not working on opposite ends
Your counselors and your learning teachers are your best friends
Our summers we’re devoting, to help you excel
I only beg of you, to help us as well

Together, we both can reach the greatest heights
Together, we can’t be stopped by the most difficult fights
And we can be sure, that in a very short while
Together, we will succeed to make the Rebbe smile


Deep winter has set in
The snowdrifts are piled
They’re dripping like teardrops
From the bunks where we smiled

The shul where we davened
So lifeless and gray
The fields which we played in
So dull, not the same

“Oh, dear Gan Yisroel
Your grounds will soon echo our steps
We’ll never forsake you
No, we’ll never forget…

“Oh, dear Gan Yisroel
Your halls will soon ring with our cheers
’Cause we’ll keep returning
Year after year”


Late Friday evening, Camp Simcha is ringing
Excitement seems to fill the air
But Chaim’s just sitting, untouched by the singing
And on his cheek, lies a tear

His friends try to cheer him, but he just won’t hear them
Instead he’s just sitting alone
“But Chaim, oh why, oh why do you cry
Why don’t you feel just at home”

“Oh, friends, I know just how you feel
But still, my wound you don’t heal
For those precious memories, my heart does burn
For you, Gan Yisroel, I yearn…

“The closeness of friends I did find
Sweet thoughts of you fill up my mind
But friends, just listen, please have no fear
For in Gan Yisroel we’ll meet next year”


(Tune of Niggun Shabbos VeYomtov (Nichoach 15/1/2))

Excitement rippled through my heart
And fluttered through my fields and lake
When I heard the Rebbe’s camp was coming to my grounds

Excitement filled each camper’s face
And fluttered through my fields and lake
When I heard that the Rebbe was coming to my grounds

But that happiness was shattered on that bitter day
When my children were forced to leave
My buildings were razed, and my heart was cut out
Only memories remained of days of the past
Those wonderful days when my children played on my grounds

(Tune without words)

Excitement rippled through my heart
And fluttered through my fields and trees
When I heard that my children were returning to my grounds

On that bright day, my hills rang with song
A day for which I’ve waited for so long
My buildings rebuilt by loving hands
Reliving those great days
When the Rebbe walked my grounds

But now, as I sit alone, I miss my children so
But I know that you hold dear my Gan Yisroel grounds


(Tune of Al Kein Tziyon)

The Grand Sing has ended, it’s middle of night
Dovid thinks back to the beautiful sight
The decorated shul, the Alma Mater sung
Truthful, meaningful words
Expressing thoughts of deep emotions
With tears his eyes are blurred

We sang of Yechis shattering the sky
Oh, how can I not cry
Remembering the words of the Rebbe so dear
Oh, how can I hold back my tears

He turns to the side, there sits his new friend
Similar thoughts, their emotions bend
Together, at once, they whisper with a tear
“Our achdus will take us to the coming year”


(Tune of Ovinu Ov Horachamon)

My counselor’s care for me
Etched into my memory
His stories, his songs, I still hear
Nostalgia brings me to tears

Many years have passed by
Now it is my turn to try
My campers to educate
My counselors to emulate

No time to waste
Work with great haste
Like shkeidim, so quick to grow
The Rebbe, so dear
Has made it so clear
For this, we learn all year

The trunks are all packed away
Tearful goodbyes we say
“Counselor,” my campers say to me
“Like you we want to be”


(Tune of Mimkomoch (MBD))

Tossing and turning in bed
Thinking of the summer ahead
A counselor in camp to be
Responsible for the children in his care
“Oh Rebbe, will I succeed?”

Reaching for the phone at his side
In his Mashpia, Reb Berel, he confides
“Expectations so great to fulfill
A feeling of love for the Rebbe in the campers
How can I be sure I’ll instill?”

“My dear Levik, one thing you must know —
As a Shliach representing the Rebbe you will go
To act like a chossid in all that you do
In learning and playing too…

“Doing חת”ת and רמב”ם and מִקְוֶה each day
And acting in the proper way
Will give you the כּוֹחוֹת that you will need
To ensure you will succeed”


(Tune of Klimovitcher Niggun (Nichoach 2/2/3))

The Rebbe gives a message out, he’s leaving 770
His destination Gan Yisroel, with chassidim following
Throughout his years of holy work, he never takes a moment’s rest
To see his camp, precious hours on the road he spends

The Rebbe shows his concern for every little thing
“Keep the lake safe, tip the waiters, add another swing—
For a healthy guf will make a healthier neshamah
With warmth of chassidus we will be like one mishpachah”

Every day, every hour, in the Rebbe’s care
Every camper is his child whom he holds so dear
I learn and play in Gan Yisroel, in the Rebbe’s home
He’ll surely see to it that as his chossid I will grow

In years bygone, Lubavitch was the cradle of chassidim
Now the grounds of Gan Yisroel carry on this mission
Until the day we’ll greet Moshiach very speedily
Proudly marching as his soldiers on to victory


(Tune of Mi Armia Admora)

Amongst all the mountains, there’s one that always glows
Amongst all the fountains, there’s one that always flows
Amongst all the lights, there’s one that always shines
And there are always those times that will never leave my mind

Gan Yisroel is the mountain that will always glow
Chassidus is the fountain that will always flow
Achdus is the light that will always shine
And the summer is a time that will never leave my mind

Machaneh Gan Yisroel so proudly does stand
As we all salute the Rebbe, as we follow his command
We’ll truly be connected the way the Rebbe meant it
Through summer ’98 in Gan Yisroel New York!


(Tune of Niggun Hachanah of the Alter Rebbe’s Niggun)

Our guide the Rebbe’s mandates, mekusher forevermore
As chassidim, who could really ask for more?
In sichos I learn that Moshiach’s on his way
And the Rebbe will return to us any day

But still a deep void I feel, which weighs upon my mind and heart
“Rebbe, I cannot bear to be apart”
Golus a reality, the Rebbe I cannot see
“Just terminate this golus!” that’s our plea

Yes, I know that through it all, my avodah will not cease
A fervent dedication to the Rebbe I will keep
Mivtzoim and shiurim bring Moshiach now and here
And I smile, for I know geulah’s near

But still a deep void I feel, which weighs upon my mind and heart
“Rebbe, I cannot bear to be apart”
וְהָיוּ עֵינֶיךָ רוֹאוֹת, to see the Rebbe with our eyes
שׁוּבָה ה’ עַד מָתַי


(Tune of Fonke No. 1 (Nichoach 16/1/2))

I stand by the Ohel on a Sunday
I watch the many who have come to pray
They pour out their hearts
Their feelings to the Rebbe they impart

From all walks of life they come
Standing by the Ohel, they unite as one
Feeling the pain, just like an orphaned son

Thinking back some years
My eyes fill up with tears
Desiring to see my Rebbe physically
But one thing that remains with me, which is so very clear
The Rebbe’s final words that still ring in my ears

We know it won’t be long
We must remain strong
The geulah, you have told us, is so very near
We will do what is right
With emunah we will fight
To bring Moshiach, whose footsteps we hear

Our bitachon will bring a joy from deep within
With the knowledge that Moshiach’s coming is imminent
Soon will be the day that you’ll be with us to stay
And then, שִׁירוּ לַה’ שִׁיר חָדָשׁ


(Tune of Acheinu (Abie Rottenberg, Lev V’Nefesh))

Amongst majestic mountains, a nation stands alone
An ending to their exile, a promise of a home
Pondering their destiny, gazing at the setting sun
Moshe stands so strong, B’nei Yisroel’s רוֹעֶה נֶאֱמָן

He sees Eretz Yisroel, a splendid golden view
Listening intensely to HaKodosh Boruch Hu
“My dear servant Moshe, for you to enter this great land
The דוֹר הַמִּדְבָּר from redemption forever will be banned”

“Hashem, please take my life from me
My people, they must live to see
The coming of Moshiach, and the Mikdash HaShlishi
Please pass them down through the doros
And give a Nossi my kochos
To lead them to geulah in this year of נִפְלָאוֹת”

(Tune without words)

Standing at the Ohel, so faithful and so strong
Pleading for a nation that has waited much too long
Filling with courage, caring for them day by day
The Rebbe, our Moshe, stands and proudly leads the way

B’nei Yisroel, hear our cry — thundering voices, “Ad Mosai”
And join the million forces, as we’re marching side by side
The Rebbe lighting up the way, the geulah we will have today
The promise of redemption in this year of נִפְלָאוֹת


(Tune of Ach Leilokim Domi Nafshi)

The packed shul is waiting for Kol Nidrei
The Rebbe is coming, but stops on his way
A group of talmidim he must see
The Birkas HaBonim to them he gives
With tear-filled eyes he asks Hashem
“A sweet year send to them”

Hours on end at Farbrengen he sits
Torah he teaches, it flows from his lips
With simple and wise he spends his time
A lesson for all to follow he finds
Speaking to his children, so dear to him
With his light he is guiding them

A Yid to the Rebbe is his only concern
The love for his children in his heart does burn
The burden of our problems with love he bears
In our joy he laughs, our pain he feels
Hours he stands for his children’s needs
Thousands of letters till dawn he reads
Beyond human limits he will reach
His life for his children he gives


(Tune of Niggun Shabbos VeYomtov (Nichoach 15/1/2))

Crowds are gathered, hours pass, the line stretches miles
The Rebbe stands alone to greet each one with smiles
Privileged so, to stand before his noble gaze
He strives for a connection to last throughout his days

And though I am bereft, the example that you left lives on
Your needs you sacrificed to bring each one so close
The hand you waved sent shluchim to their posts
The concern you showed us taught me how to care

To kindle a spark in every Jewish soul
Revealing its essence, is fulfilling your goal
Your ratzon I vow to do, for I know like never before
That it means so much to you

I feel your strength, you’ve shown me by your deeds
I know how to find the hiskashrus that I need
By taking each neshamah hand in hand, in your ways
Until each one understands

Now I’m certain forever, you’ll be part of me
I am sure, very soon, Tatte, you I’ll see


(Tune of HaMalach HaGoel)

In the Ohel he prays
Steaming tears, roll down his face
His feelings he cannot contain
And cries to his Rebbe in pain

“I know you are truly here
Leading and guiding us, giving us life
But Rebbe, it’s too much to bear —
We need you lematah, down here…

“Ad Mosai — till when! This darkness must end
When will we be, together again?
I know you are listening, crying with me —
Dear Rebbe, how long must it be?

“Oh Rebbe, we need you — now is the time
Father and Son together we cry
I know you’ll be back — you gave us your vow
Lead us to Geulah right now!”

Leaving the Ohel behind
These thoughts of the Rebbe etched deep in his mind
Connected like never before
To the Rebbe, the Nossi HaDor

Repeat: Ad Mosai…


(Tune of Ovinu Ov Horachamon)

At a Farbrengen I did sit
The Rebbe entered, his face brightly lit
Chassidim were standing in awe
Their hearts all brimming with love

Though I am too young to understand
With some wine, I raised up my hand
With deep love, the Rebbe replied
Our connection of affection was tied

“Hashem, tell me why, years have gone by
The Rebbe I still cannot see —
Where is the end to all this suffering
Please hear me, אָב הָרַחֲמִים”

But אֲנִי מַאֲמִין בֶּאֱמוּנָה שְׁלֵמָה
There will be Farbrengens once more
In the Beis Hamikdash HaShlishi
וְאַרְאֵהוּ בִּישׁוּעָתִי


(Tune of Ach Leilokim Domi Nafshi)

Sitting and thinking, he tries to understand
A picture of the Rebbe he holds in his hand
Reminding him, of times that he spent, times that he went
Those moments with the Rebbe, engraved in his mind
He looks at the picture and cries…

“Rebbe, I know that you are still with me
Guiding me, watching me, in all that I do —
But a child needs his father to be with him together
To feel the connection strong and true!”

How long must we wait to see our Rebbe once again
Ad Mosai, till when, Ad Mosai, Hashem
Moshiach you must send, this golus to end
And we’ll be with our Rebbe again


(Tune of Niggun Shabbos VeYomtov (Sefer HaNiggunim, entry #96))

A tear runs down from his cheek
“Oh Hashem, it’s another week —
Shabbos is passing, the Rebbe did not speak…”

Days, weeks, then months go by
How long must your children cry
Beseeching, demanding, “Ad Mosai, it’s enough!”

Where is that hand to which millions do come
Where is the voice that unites us all as one?
Our hearts pouring out as we cry to Hashem
“The Rebbe zol zein gezunt, and be with us again!”

On Sunday a man arrives
With hope in his troubled eyes
“Excuse me, please tell me, the Rebbe’s help I seek —

“I’ve come to the Rebbe’s door
His berachah I need once more…”
Unanswered, he lifts his eyes, and desperately does cry

Repeat: Where is that hand…


(Tune of R’ Hillel Paritcher’s Niggun (Nichoach 4/1/2))

“Dear G-d, I am just a little boy
They say my prayers can be felt on high
Father in Heaven, listen to my cry —

“At his window I daven every day
With a broken heart, yet with faith
I know that the Rebbe is so near…

“Oh please, Hashem, it hurts me so
I cannot see my Rebbe, his face aglow
How long must he suffer —
How long can our father be in pain —
Unite us with our Rebbe once again!”

Yechi Adoneinu, the Rebbe will return
No longer will he suffer, no longer will we yearn
That day is coming closer, that day is very near
When the Rebbe will be with us once again

On that day we will laugh, on that day we will sing
Our joy will know no bounds, for we’ll be with our king
The Rebbe’s door will open, and he’ll smile to us children
For the Rebbe will be with us once again

Repeat: Oh please, Hashem…


(Tune of Asher Bara (Miami Boys’ Choir — Shabbos Yerushalayim))

A picture on the wall
My Rebbe’s face I see
His eyes so blue and deep
They’re looking straight through me

Some comfort I have sought
But Rebbe, you’re all I’ve got
Please don’t let me go
I want to be with you

Not long ago, I would come
A brief Yechidus I would have
Now I look into this picture, all alone

But that smile shining bright
Has forever changed my life
My eyes swell up in tears
“Rebbe, dear Rebbe, I know you’re near…”

My connection to you so strong
We won’t be apart for long
I’ll see you very soon
Rebbe, dear Rebbe, yig’aleinu

Repeat: But that smile…


(Tune of Ani Maamin (jep vol. III))

With a Tehillim he sat through the night
Pondering deeply into his plight
The Rebbe’s image in front of his eyes
“Oh, where is Moshiach,” he sighs

Three times a day, we would have the great zechus
The Nossi HaDor would come daven with us
“How can I live when a Shabbos goes by
Without a Farbrengen,” he cries

“Oh Rebbe, oh Rebbe, we need you —
Hashem, Hashem, Keil Rachum —
We’re sick of this golus, can’t bear any more
Why don’t You open the door…

“Your children are yearning to be with You —
How long can this golus continue!
Bring the geulah, fulfilling Your vow
To bring Moshiach right now”

Repeat: Oh Rebbe…


(Tune of Golus (Mendy Werdyger, Chaverim))

The sun has just set, on his forehead there’s sweat
As Chaim’ke enters the ohel
With a duch in his hand, he cannot withstand
The feelings that well up inside him

Thoughts racing through his head, “What will be ahead
With what can I still be connected
How can we continue your peulos without you
It’s darker than ever before”

He feels the holy air, for he knows the Rebbe’s there
And he is giving him kochos
“Oy Rebbe, I will spread the words that you said
‘Hinei Moshiach Boh’ ”

Your chassidim will fight on ’til this golus is gone
With Mivtzoim we’re still connected


(Tune of Ani Maamin (Traditional))

A chossid by the Rebbe, crying desperately
“The Rebbe’s shining face, I rarely see
How can I make the Rebbe part of me”

“A mekusher to me, you must strive to be
A wonderous connection in such unity
Learning my maamorim is the only way
Into which my essence is arein-geleigt”

Now we sit and cry, “why Hashem, oh why
Oy Rebbe, we feel so far away
How can we bear to see you in such pain
Ad mosai, oh when, farbreng with us again
How we are longing to be with you”

But chassidim of the Rebbe, we understand one thing
Connected to him, we must surely be
Even though our Rebbe we can’t see
Davka in such travail, our hiskashrus must prevail
The Rebbe’s message in our mind must penetrate

Repeat: A mekusher to me…


(Tune of Niggun Simchah (“Marching Forth With Noble Pride”))

Anticipation fills the air, Farbrengen has begun
Chassidim sing joyfully, united as one
Hearts uplifted — the Rebbe has come
Ears are strained to hear the Rebbe’s holy words

And as the Rebbe speaks, the world is tuning in
Everyone can feel Moshiach’s presence in the air
The Rebbe to a chossid as father to a son
Transcending limitations to be one

The Rebbe’s words are reaching each neshamah
Inspiring it with courage to go on
Inspiring it with fire and hislahavus to go higher
Can’t you see we need Moshiach now
Inspiring it with fire and hislahavus to go higher—
Rebbe, lead us to geulah now!


(Tune of Yud-Beis Tammuz Niggun)

In a distant bygone land, a long battle raged
The treasury spent on its campaign
But as the war dragged on, the soldiers’ spirits waned
“How much longer will this last,” they all complained

Suddenly, the royal coach appeared
With the king proclaiming that victory is near
“I will personally lead the fight
Although it may endanger my royal life”

Although the king was not alive, his noble spirit did survive
The soldiers were encouraged by the sacrifice they saw
Everybody understood that the king did all he could
And that gave the extra strength to win the war

Oh Rebbe, how you cried when you told us so
“A king gives up his life to achieve his goal”
לִכְשֶׁיָפוּצוּ מַעְיְנוֹתֶיךָ — the work is surely done
Rebbe, oy, we will make Moshiach come

We know that you can hear us, so listen to our cry
Rebbe, give us courage, as you stand by our side
To be a better Chossid, stronger than before
Rebbe, oy, we will see to win the war

Although the king…


(Tune of Niggun Gaaguim (Nichoach 7/2/5))

Confused and upset, young Mendel does feel
Turning to his father, an explanation to hear
As a chossid of the Rebbe he aspires to be
Connected to the Rebbe, whom he wishes to see

“Father, although I do what the Rebbe wants
And I act as a chossid should
But to feel a love for the Rebbe — how I wish I could!”

“My son, the Rebbe is our father
He cares for us his children
Bechevlei avosos ahavah
He guides us forevermore”

Ohoy! Rebbe, I know that you are truly very near
Ohoy! Guiding and caring for chassidim so very dear
Ohoy! Rebbe I love you, I want to be with you
Please Hashem, hob rachmonus on Your children for whom You care
Take us out of this golus — it is too much for us to bear
I want to see my Rebbe once again

Oy Rebbe, you’re our father
Caring for us your children
Bechevlei avosos ahavah
Connected forevermore


(Tune of Niggun Gaaguim (Nichoach 7/2/5))

Connecting my neshamah’s very essence to my Rebbe
Being one with the Moshe, the Nassi of our dor
Our head instructs, by us fullfilling the peulos and direction
We’re mekushar, completely bound with the one who did command

Just like our unity with Hashem
Is strengthened and drawn closer
By doing Mitzvos, צַוְותָא וְחִיבּוּר
With our commander we are bound

As chassidim of the Rebbe
Our hiskashrus grows much stronger
As each day passes and our actions continue and increase

Oy, בְּכָל דְרָכֶיךָ דָּעֵהוּ, mekushar in all we do
Oy, spreading Chassidus, teaching what the Rebbe commands to do
Oy the ten Mivtzoim reaching outward, bringing light to every Jew
Telling all that Moshiach is coming — add in your good deeds
Every day learning Chitas and Rambam devotedly
Becoming what the Rebbe wants us to be

Repeat: As chassidim of the Rebbe


(Tune of Niggun Shabbos VeYomtov (Nichoach 5/2/4) (“Niggun after Niggun…”))

On a cold winter day
A man comes to the Ohel to pray
Standing there in the freezing cold
His memories start to unfold

How many hours the Rebbe would stand
Giving out dollars with his holy hand
Individual attention to all he did give
Davining for every Yid

But a question arises in his mind
“A true path of Ahavas Yisroel I must find”
But the Rebbe’s example to use for myself
I must understand how he did it himself

Then he remembers what the Rebbe once told
“One does not get tired while counting gold”
For every Jew has a neshamah inside
Which through grime, still sparkles and shines

The Rebbe sent Shluchim far and wide
To reach out to those who don’t have that pride
For there is one golden thing which we all share
Our neshamos that are so dear


(Tune of Niggun Shalosh Seudos (Nichoach 13/1/5))

The Shul is dim, eyes are focused
On the Rebbe, watching the children march by
The Rebbe’s eyes are sparkling with joy

On the way up to the hill
Berele does ponder
This cherished love
The Rebbe shows to all of us

Gan Yisroel, Tzivos Hashem
Education Day U.S.A.
Helping children comprehend
Each one is a precious gem

With his counselor at his side
Berele now does realize
Every child everywhere
The Rebbe has for them a special care

Night has passed, a new day is here
Once again in the shul he is, davening the Rebbe’s way
Now, the Rebbe’s picture in his hand
Underlining all the things he understands


(Tune of Avinu Malkeinu)

The town of Lubavitch was confused
The Rebbe was falsely accused
For the next eight years, a Chossid did serve
An hour of the Rebbe’s to spare

His sentence he joyfully served
Despite the torture he endured
Throughout all the suffering, throughout all the pain
Happy that the Rebbe would gain

“My life to the Rebbe I’ll give
After all, it’s for him that I live
Out of love for the Rebbe, I’ll strive constantly
The Rebbe should have nachas from me”

Repeat: My life…


(Tune of VeliYerushalayim Ircha (Avraham Fried))

A young boy lost and depressed
He cries out his heart bitterly
“I feel that there is no one in this whole world
With a personal love just for me”

His father hears and explains
“My dear son, there is one indeed
Since you’re a chossid, you’re personally loved
By the Rebbe, who cares for your needs”

“Father, you’re right, and yes, I have known
From the first time I saw him, way back years ago
That smile so bright, that look through my eyes
Has shown me that love deep inside”

This feeling of love makes me feel secure
There’s someone that cares for me, so I am sure
As long as I live, there’s a love that can’t hide
The Rebbe is right at my side


A nation, a child, so far from home
For ever so long, he feels so alone
Yearning for the day
When together with his father he will be
He knows that it will happen
And awaits the moment constantly

“Father, father, this pain I cannot bear
I know you are listening and my cries you hear”

His father does listen, a tear in his eyes
“With you, my son, together I cry
These moments of pain so near the end
For soon, together we’ll be once again”

Father and son united together again

Forever and ever we’ll be together again
Forever and ever we’ll be together again


Standing in the Rebbe’s Shul, joining everyone in song
“Yechi Adoneinu — Hashem, it’s much too long”
My mind wanders back in time, the Rebbe’s saying, “Chapt arein —
Moshiach is about to arrive”

I don’t understand, how times have changed
Where is the Rebbe’s smile, why won’t he Farbreng
I don’t understand, how can it be
Why is my Rebbe suffering?

Though I am a child and I cannot comprehend
I look up at the Rebbe with no doubt in my mind
The Rebbe has assured us that Moshiach’s on his way
So “Ani Maamin” is all I have to say

The day will come, and it won’t be long
We’ll march behind the Rebbe, right through the golus walls
As I look now at the Rebbe, I say sincerely
“Rebbe, oh dear Rebbe, I believe”


“Father, please listen, for I would like to share
My feelings and thoughts during this past year
Lost and confused, in despair I do cry
Oh, answer me, dear father, tell me why…

“A Shabbos has passed, Sunday has gone by
Each and every day brings forth another sigh
The Farbrengens that we heard, the dollars we received
A he’elem for so long, who could believe!”

“My son, you’re not alone, I also feel the pain
Yet a purpose there must be, let me explain…”

Darkness of night precedes the light, shining forevermore
These troubled times do show that Moshiach’s at our door

It’s in our hands, we must take a stand
Following the Rebbe’s call
“Tut altz vos ihr kent” was the message to us all

The work is being done, and still he has not come
How long can this golus last, Ad Mosai, Hashem, till when
The work is being done, and still he has not come
How long can this golus last, Ad Mosai, Hashem, enough!

Our wounds please do heal, let Moshiach be revealed
With the cry of Yechi we will march to victory


Hushed is the air, the silence is soft
Last words of Kaddish borne aloft
Our eyes raised to face the Melech’s balcony place
The curtains still closed, my mind starts to race

The thought is resounding again and again
How can I take a moment of your pain
To see my Rebbe I wait and I thirst
The pain and the love, my heart wants to burst

The curtains they swing, the Rebbe, our Melech, I see
“Oy Rebbe,” my heart shouts, “I’ll be all you want me to be”
And for a short moment, my heart skips a beat
As my eyes, the Rebbe’s do meet
A moment that tells me to keep on, be strong
“Mein kind, it won’t be for long”

For soon is the day when the curtains no longer will close
The singing is thunder, Yechi HaMelech, it grows
Our Melech will rise up, a swing of the hand
United the whole world will stand
We rise up triumphant, with one voice it’s said
Yechi HaMelech Le’Olam Vo’ed


(Tune of Ani Maamin (Miami))

Gazing at the sky
Oh Hashem, why
It’s a trying time for our nation

People stand bemused
Shaking heads, confused
Seeking an explanation

“Brothers, stand firm and strong, we all know what will be
Everything in our path the Rebbe did foresee
Sichos so clear —
There’s no need to fear”

By living with his holy words
We strengthen our connection
To the Rebbe — we stand proud under his direction
Succeeding to bring
Moshiach, our king

Friends, unite, standing tall
Fixed in our believing
Look around, it’s for real, Moshiach is coming
He will appear
That day is so near


(Tune of Niggun Yechidus of Reb Moshe Chashniker)

Always full of pride
With all the sweets of life
But it seems he’s unaccomplished, something’s missing
He turns on his TV
A farbrengen of the Rebbe he does see

He could not sleep throughout the night
Because of this inspiring sight
The devotion the Rebbe has to chassidim
Whom he sent worldwide
“I must go and see this Rebbe
The thought of him, a guiding light
This must be what’s missing from my life”

On a Sunday afternoon
As he enters the Rebbe’s room
The holiness engulfs him while approaching the Rebbe
Filled with confidence that he’ll be led on the right path
Up close, he sees the Rebbe’s face piercing through him
His neshamah yearning, forces him to cry
As he stares into the Rebbe’s eyes
“Thank you, Rebbe, for starting off my life”

Years have passed, the worst has happened
Confusion has encompassed this man
“How can I keep this same connection
Where’s that helping hand?”
He visualizes the Rebbe’s image
Reliving that experience again
Now he knows the Rebbe will be back again


(Original tune by Yacov Young)

The city enwrapped in the stillness of night
But from one small window, there shines forth a light
Murmured sweet echoes of learning I hear
The Rebbe with the Torah so dear

His precious time with chassidim he’d share
Thousands of sichos we’d gather to hear
Rashis and Rambams explained very clear
The Rebbe with his Torah so dear

We know that you’re a living sefer Torah
A derech to us you’ve been moreh
Of keeping your Torah to our hearts so near
And when this arbet we will do
We’ll become mekusher to you
Dear Rebbe, and your Torah so dear

Now, when in darkest golus times are we
For our holy Rebbe we can’t see
The words of the Rebbe still ring in our ears
The geulah shleimah we will bring
And we’ll be with our king
The Rebbe, with chassidim so dear


(Tune of Yaaleh Tachanuneinu)

Standing for hours as thousands passed by
Giving out dollars with a love in his eyes
Just as one counts his precious gems
With intense concentration on each one of them

The Rebbe shows us how to care for a Yid
An example of chessed in all that he did
With all of his kochos he made it his goal
To realize the potential of each Jewish soul

As chassidim we act how the Rebbe has taught
Fighting the battles that he has fought
Through mivtzo’im and shlichus and caring for each Jew
Teaching them the right things to do

As shluchim of the Rebbe, mekusher we become
For the actions of the Rebbe and chossid are one
By helping one another we unite ourselves too
Ensuring the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu


(Tune of R’ Charitonov’s Niggun (Sefer HaNiggunim, entry #67))

Trying to capture the feeling of when young
The excitement and energy, the want to be close
To be in the presence of the Rebbe whom I love
Raising my spirits from above

Remembering now what was most dear then
To daven with the Rebbe, precious moments to spend
Standing at the Rebbe’s side, every word so dear
A devotion to davening so rare

Trembling, he knocks at the Ohel door
Trying to recapture his feeling once more
A tefillah he cries, knowing the Rebbe’s here
A connection lasting him throughout the year


(Tune of Oh Dovid)

On my wall hangs a picture of the Rebbe
His presence guides me all the time
Every dear word that the Rebbe did say
Is etched in my heart and my mind

Hearing that the Rebbe was coming
I started to run eagerly
Nothing else mattered to me anymore
The Rebbe I had to see

To be a chossid I strive, to the Rebbe mekusher
To give over my life to the Rebbe’s avodah
I yearn to be close, my heart and my soul
A connection to the Rebbe I hold

Though now we don’t see the Rebbe lematah
In a guf physically, the work so much harder
But a talmid I am, his Torah I learn
While I eagerly await his return


(Tune of Ki Onu Amecha)

Memories of times ago, stirring the strings of my soul
Awakening my spirit, which lied so very still
Thinking of my cradle, my mother rocking me
Humming a lullaby, a chassidish melody

Those first impressions, etched deep in my mind
Today, those impressions in my heart I find
Those first impressions, etched deep in my mind
Today, those impressions in my heart I find

On Shabbos afternoon, in a corner all alone
My father would daven, his words filled with song

Repeat: Those first impressions…

In the shul of Lubavitch, together we would stand
Father and son, side by side, hand in hand
I would look up to the Rebbe, our teacher, our guide
My eyes welled up with tears, and I began to cry

Although then I was young, and did not understand
These memories inspire me wherever I am
These are the memories stored in my mind
They revive my spirit and make my soul alive


(Tune of Hachonoh Niggun)

She holds him tightly, rocking to and fro
“מַיין טַייעֶרעֶ”, she whispers, “it’s time to go”
“מאַמעֶ, העֶלְף מִיר – נֵיין, מאַמעֶ, נֵיין
בִּיטעֶ, מאַמעֶ, לאָז מִיר נִישְׁט אַלֵיין”

She comforts him softly, wiping off his tears
But he can read her heart, her trembling fears
“Tatte,” she sighs, “help me bear the pain
בִּיטעֶ, טאַטעֶ, לאָז מִיר נִישְׁט אַלֵיין”

But how so young she sends him alone
To study Torah far from home
She can’t be with him — who will raise him now?

“My precious one, I sent you there
I took you then in my own care
דַאֲגָה נִישְׁט, I will not leave you now”

Repeat: My precious one…


(Tune of Ani Maamin (Pirchei, vol. I))

A talmid, to his Rebbe so close
Cruelly is pulled away
Thrown into a Communist jail
For an indefinite stay

Far from the Rebbe he loves
And his family too
So very hard to live there a life
Of a Torah-true Jew

He longs for the Rebbe, and seeks a connection
Thinks of the Rebbe with such great affection
Yearning to reach, but how can that be —
How can he write his Rebbe?

A letter, he composed in his mind
“How to read it, the Rebbe will find”
The Rebbe felt his very great need
And assured his talmid be freed


(Tune of Ho’Aderes Veha’Emunah (Tzlil V’Zemer))

To a city in the U.S.A.
A lonely shliach arrives one day
There’s no yeshivah, there’s no kosher food
Nor is there a shul in which to pray

In this very land of liberty
Devoid of Yiddishkeit as can be
He succeeds to build an edifice
For the Holy One, Blessed be He

“אַמעֶרִיקעֶ אִיז נִישְׁט אַנְדעֶרְשׁ”
Proclaimed the Frierdiker Rebbe —
“America is no different”
Is what a shliach sets out to teach

With liberty and religious freedom
Spreading Yiddishkeit came to be
Through יָפוּצוּ מַעְיְנוֹתֶיךָ חוּצָה
We’ll rebuild Bayis HaShlishi


(Tune of Niggun Simchah (Nichoach, vol. 12/2/1))

Marching forth with noble pride, growing with each stride
We are the manservants of Hashem
עֲבָדִים אָנוּ דְקוּדְשָׁא בְּרִיךְ הוּא
Illuminating darkness is our holy goal

From slaves in Egypt land
Led by His mighty hand
To Sinai we came, and did proclaim
“Do, then understand”

The commandments of our King
Still in our ears do ring
“כִּי לִי בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל עֲבָדִים”

(Tune without words)

By following His words, as servants to a master
We will end our sad history
To bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu a little bit faster
And with him, our victory


(Tune of Niggun Shabbos VeYomtov (Nichoach 5/1/6))

A small cup of wine he holds in his hand
Young Mendele at a Farbrengen does stand
Thousands of men, standing in awe
Their attention to the Rebbe is drawn

Though Mendel stood there, his mind was elsewhere
To hear the Farbrengen he did not care
He just could not wait until it was done
So he could go home and have fun

He’d walk down the street, his friends he would meet
They’d teach him to lie, and they’d teach him to cheat
He’d look to all sides to be sure no one saw
Then, Mendel would break every law

It occured to him, at a Farbrengen one week
“After all, it’s to me that the Rebbe does speak
His words, to my heart I must take
What a difference in me, they will make…

“How can I stand every week, and ignore
The words being said by the Nossi Hador!”
He decides, with tears in his eyes
“Enough of my cheating and lies”

As he walked down the street, he met his best friend
He told him, “My bad ways have come to an end
I’ve come to regret the things that I did
From now on I’ll be a Chossid”


A Russian boy’s helpless plight
Dreariness fills his night
Hardship and pain befall him
His chance of survival is slim

Finding no source of true comfort
To the Rebbe he turns with a letter
Compelled to express to him
How life could have been so much better

The boy did not beg for an easier life
Nor for a hope to be free
“Vos zol men ton az es davent zich nit!”
That was the Russian boy’s plea

As the Rebbe spoke at Farbrengen
The chassidim gazed on in surprise
As the Rebbe choked with emotion
And tears came to his eyes

Repeat: The boy did not beg…


(Tune of Mikolos Mayim Rabbim)

Young Moishy wakes up in the morning
With excitement he says Modeh Ani
As he looks at his picture of the Rebbe
Reminding him of his great duty

His tzitzis are constantly showing
Helping his classmates in learning
Trying to reach all his friends
To join him in Tzivos Hashem

Through all his actions he shows he is different
All those around him, inspired he leaves them
In a chossid the Rebbe does trust, and expects
He’ll carry his achrayus with zest

“As a chossid I realize I carry the Rebbe’s name
In every action the Rebbe I do portray —
Wherever I go and whatever I do
My achrayus will always come through”


(Tune of Eishes Chayil)

Boruch, I write to you this letter
In answer to your question when we were together
“How is it that I am not ashamed
My Yiddishkeit to openly proclaim”

On a busy street corner to stand
Asking every Yid to lay tefillin on his hand
My tzitzis hanging proudly in sight
Never shy to do what is right

Knowing that I am a chossid
Connected to the Rebbe I live with
A feeling of pride within me
Lifting me, helping me, wherever I may be

I’m a chossid in the Rebbe’s army
Fulfilling my mission proudly
Boruch, this letter is not done
A chossid you must become

Repeat: Knowing that I am a chossid…


(Tune of Yud-Beis Tammuz Niggun)

The Rebbe calls out, we must reach to all
A group of chassidim heed his call
The family of Shluchim the Rebbe does raise
For his work, devoting all their days

The Rebbe stands with pride as his Shluchim he leads
As a loving father he is caring for their needs
For these are the chassidim he’s relying upon
Through his berachos and his koach, they can carry on

To strengthen and unite all of those he had sent
The Rebbe brings his family together again
Once a year at the kinus, all the Shluchim he does greet
Giving them the chizuk that they all so need

The Rebbe stands…

Being that the Shluchim are so distanced physically
An album of his family, the Rebbe asked to see
And even as they carry on in these dark golus days
In the Rebbe’s holy room they’ll always stay


(Tune of Niggun Shabbos VeYomtov (Nichoach 5/2/4))

A chossid’s young boy goes his own way
From Torah and mitzvos he sadly does stray
Successful and wealthy he does become
His feelings to Yiddishkeit so numb

One day, in the study of a chossid he stands
Ending his business with a shake of hands
A farbrengen he sees, as he’s ready to go
Awakening dear memories of old

Niggun after niggun, drawing him near
The love and the friendship, his eyes start to tear
Completely forgetting the life he’d been living
The beauty of chassidim so clear

Their love for each other, sitting as brothers
His heart broken open, neshamah uncovered
He sits at the table, breaks down in tears
A chossid the rest of his years

Repeat: Niggun after niggun…


(Tune of An’im Zemiros)

Moshiach in his chambers receives a special guest
R’ Yisrael Baal Shem has a question to ask
Answering his question, “When will you be revealed” —
“Your light will have to be for all to feel”

In our generation the Rebbe carries forth
The wellsprings of Chassidus, an illuminating torch
Sichos and Maamorim, Farbrengens late at night
Kuntreisim handed out – a shining light

The light of Chassidus that is now pouring forth
Is currently conveyed in all modern ways
In many foreign languages, even for the blind
תּוֹרָה חֲדָשָׁה מֵאִתִּי תֵּצֵא

The Rebbe promised that Geulah is near,
תּוֹרָתוֹ שֶׁל מָשִׁיחַ we will merit to hear
He has spread Chassidus in a way for all to feel
Moshiach is ready to be revealed


(Tune of Vos Zol Men Zorgen… Harninu Goyim)

On a pedestal in a crowded marketplace
Stands a holy man with a glowing face
Curiously, people begin to gather near
Each one so anxious to hear

“Hashem holds each of you so precious and so dear
Regardless of your knowledge, it’s for you that He does care
So too should be our attitude towards every single Jew —
Let’s care for him in everything we do” (x2)

Chassidim always took this message to heart
With mesiras nefesh to their children did impart
That this should be our attitude towards every single Jew —
Let’s care for him in everything we do

Until our generation when our Rebbe does command
“Take this message, spread it to all corners of the land”
So Shluchim travel far and near with just one thing in mind —
The Rebbe’s words to bring to all mankind (x2)

And in the Rebbe’s Gan Yisroel we learn to live this way
The Baal Shem Tov’s garden blooms and blossoms —
We’re the camp that bears his name!


(Tune of Venikeisi Domom (Avraham Fried))

Raised in Brooklyn, in an aura of light
Yiddishkeit envelops his life
In the world of the Rebbe, his Torah and Tefillah
And now he must leave this behind

One seeks through his mind, what compels his kind
To wander the untrodden path
Intensely determined, undaunted by wrong
To a scene where he doesn’t belong?

The love of all Yidden his arms and his gear
His burden he’s happy to bear
The arms of Hashem he must extend
Wherever there’s Yidden to tend

Though Torah and Tefillah bring close to Hashem
They will not bring golus to its end
We must reach out, and give of ourselves
So Hashem in this world will dwell


(Tune of Ribbono Shel Olom)

The ship steaming on the sea
“Oh Hashem, how can it be”
Assimilation growing strong
The work will take so long

Drifting to a country so far from home
Where Yiddishkeit is unknown
And mesiras nefesh is not shown

The Frierdiker Rebbe, broken and hurt
Is wheeled off the boat, yet alert
His face full of anguish and of pain
But America must be the same

Without hesitation, he did proclaim
That America will be the same
Yiddishkeit in America he built
And Torah light instilled


(Tune of Ana Bekoach (Miami))

Depressed and cold, sitting in a cell
Reason to be happy is nowhere in sight
How long more he will endure, no one can tell
Will I ever see again a time of light

The chossid’s smile, his thoughts, interrupt immensely
His obvious joy, from where, he sighs
His own sorrow and suffering does he not see
Yet the chossid does smile, and replies

“Look beyond the window-bars, at the stars do gaze
See the snowflakes falling, no two the same will be
See their Creator, Who guides them in their ways—
Surely He will care for you and me…

“So my dear friend, you see, to worry there is no need
Simcha Poretz Kol Hagdorim
Yes, how right you are, no reason for despair
Mitzvah Lihyos Bsimcha


(Tune of Avinu Av HaRachaman)

In an orchard stands a tree
Luscious fruit it bears proudly
Its sustenance to which it does cleave
From its branch, its life it receives

A Shliach at his post in a town
Confronts hardships that may put him down
As difficult as it may appear
He’ll always persevere

As a Shliach, he knows the Rebbe’s kochos he has
To achieve more than he can perceive
No task is too great, no goal is too far
For behind him is the commander-in-chief (x2)

By maintaining his connection
To the Rebbe, ilana dechaya
Only then will he grow more and more
And bring Moshiach, whom we’re waiting for


(Tune of The Search (J.E.P. vol. II))

Living in a world of confusion and fear
For morals and values there’s no one that cares
Torah and Mitzvos fading each day
A fire is burning, destroying the way

Day after day, more Jews do stray
Further from Yiddishkeit they all remain,
To this terrible trend, we must find a cure
The future of Yiddishkeit we must ensure

The Rebbe cries out, “We must end this drought!”
Issuing a demand, we must do all we can
To brighten the world through Mitzvos each day
Urging one and all to live the Torah way

To the Rebbe’s call, the Shluchim do heed
Spanning the globe, addressing the need
Rekindling the spark in each and every Jew
Until the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu


Oh, why we Jews all cry
Are things so tough, we’ve had enough
We’ve worked and slaved all through these years
Oh, when will Hashem wipe away our tears

Oh, when will we walk hand in hand
With Moshiach to the Promised Land
Oh, when will we walk hand in hand
With Moshiach to the Promised Land

We’re thrown around from here to there
It isn’t fair, but our faith is strong
All the Jews are spread apart
It breaks our heart, but it won’t be for long

For soon, we will walk…

Soon we’ll hear a sound that’s near
Telling us that the time is now
The sound will be Eliyahu HaNavi
And Moshiach will come to fulfill G-d’s vow

And then we will walk…


(Tune of Al Zeh Hoyoh (MBD))

Our holy Torah we hold so dear
Its basic purpose so strong and clear
To purify all that we see
For this great task, chosen were we
An inheritance for every Jew
Not only for a special few

How at a Farbrengen you did stand
The Rebbe’s wish was your command
To spread Torah to every Jew
Leibel, Leibel, this was you

Although it seems you’re no longer here
After only fourteen short years
But still, the Torah that you’ve learned
Shall inspire us ’til you return


Our holy House in ruins and flames
Only one wall of it remains
The side that outlasted all the rest
The Kosel HaMa’aravi on the west

Throughout the years, every day
Thousands of Jews at the Wall do pray
Their tearful eyes to heaven gaze
Hoping the rest will soon be raised

Our symbol of courage, of faith, and of hope
Giving us strength with the golus to cope
Rousing our hopes that bimheirah ’twill be
The wall of the Mikdash HaShlishi

Repeat: Throughout the years…


(Tune of Koh Amar Hashem)

Davening and learning starting each day
In shul, amongst his friends, he yearns to stay
Downtown he must go, amongst the people who
Identify him simply as a Jew

Mitzvos to him precious as a gem
Lunch alone, he cannot sit with them
Taking time for minchah, ignoring all that’s said
Meetings with a kippah on his head

Five p.m. returning home, completely unaware
An impact made on everybody there
A Jew is always close to Gd, he proved to them
An everlasting Kiddush Hashem


(Original tune by Rabbi Avrohom Twersky)

To love a fellow Jew just the same as you
Is the basis of our holy Torah
He may be far from me, across the widest sea
Still, I’d always love him just the same

For seventy, eighty years, a neshamah wears and tears
Just to do one favor for another
Love him with all your heart — the heavens spread apart
For every Jew is really our brother


Way up high, in the sky, there’s a building still unfinished
Way up high, in the sky, the Mikdash HaShlishi

And for every mitzvah that we do so carefully
Hashem will add a brick to the Mikdash HaShlishi


(Tune of Venikeisi Domom (Avraham Fried))

The time is late, my last moments are approaching
I want to thank you, Hashem, for everything
For the courage and the strength which pulled me through
To do all that I can for a Jew

These words of my father in my head
Playing again and again
“Ahavas Yisroel is giving all you have
Until the last Shema Yisroel”

But Hashem, Hashem, one last plea
Before my neshamah departs from me
Please bring Moshiach speedily
As I cry out “Shema Yisroel”…


Oh Dovid, I send you this letter
Expressing my pain and despair
To thank you for teaching me how to survive
All the troubles I meet everywhere

My parents don’t want me to daven
They tell me to do something instead
That’s when I tell them the things that I’ve learned
Those wonderful things that you’ve said

Chazak ve’ematz, always remember
Be strong in your trust, not a pretender
You cannot just take, you also must give
Only then, have you learned how to live

But my parents don’t see that I’m filled with emotion
And serving Hashem with a total devotion
You’ve cleared all my doubts, you’ve answered my dreams
Now I know what a Jew really means

I’m laughed at because of my Kippah
My friends make me feel like a fool
They don’t understand why I wear it all day
Why I don’t take it off after school

At home, I make sure we keep Kosher
But few of my friends do the same
They hide their religion where no one can see
How I wish they could hear you explain—

Repeat: Chazak ve’ematz…

But so many are lost in a world of confusion
Their faith isn’t real, it’s just an illusion
I cry for them all, I pity them so
For the beautiful things they don’t know

I’m writing to you, dear Yossi
In reply to your letter to me
These are troubles in the life of an Orthodox Jew
As by now you’ve found out, I can see

I’m proud you’ve continued the practice
Of keeping Mitzvos, as you should
Now try to explain, as I once did to you
To your Jewish friends, as I would

Repeat: Chazak ve’ematz…

It is true, that they’re lost in a world of confusion
Their faith isn’t real, it’s just an illusion
Don’t cry for them all, but teach them to do
The beautiful laws of the Jew


(Tune of Yedid Nefesh)

Awaiting his turn for his body to be burned
Leaving this world for refusing to convert
A sudden thought enters his head
To remain alive instead…

“Just because I was born a Jew
Does it mean I must die as one too?
What is there to gain from the suffering and pain —
Better as a goy to remain!”

A battle of conscience was stirring up within —
“Should I die, or lead a life of sin” —
A solution he could not find
His seichel was making him blind

But then, from deep within his heart
A cry of mesiras nefesh did impart
Higher than intellect, the spark of a Jew
The fire within me and you

With this burst of emotion he lunged towards the flame
As he cried “Shema Yisroel!” ash he became
But with libbi eir, his soul was saved —
A Jew he forever remained!


(Tune of Mikolos Mayim Rabbim)

One peaceful Friday night
The table decked in white
The gloom and darkness of golus
Seemed lost in the candlelight

Entranced by the brilliant glare
The young boy pondered and stared
He dreamed of a world of kedushah
Where Shabbos is kept everywhere

With z’miros and learning, and bright candles burning
My weekly nechamah lifts up my neshamah
For שַׁבָּת הַיּוֹם לַה’
We are so different from them

We raise up our voices, the whole world rejoices
ה’ אֱלֹקֵינוּ, שְׁמַע קוֹלֵנוּ
With zeal and desire, each week we strive
To keep this tradition alive

Because we’re the Am Segulah
A nation of Torah and gedulah
If only we’d all keep the Shabbos
We’d surely bring the geulah

As the candles dwindle in size
Teardrops form in my eyes
A feeling of sadness surrounds me
As the small flame flickers and dies

But a ray of hope still remains
In a world filled with darkness and pain
Each week, light will shine through the darkness
And Shabbos HaMalkah will reign

Repeat: With z’miros…


(Tune of Yaaleh Tachanuneinu)

Confused and upset, the golus we feel
The evil and darkness is all too real
People are trapped in the confines of velt
Spirituality’s not really felt

Hashem made a promise — we will be redeemed
Moshiach will come to fulfill our dream
Hashem in His Glory will clearly be seen
Revealing the Gdliness in everything

But two thousand years and he still hasn’t come
All the avodah has already been done
We can’t understand, what is the delay
Please send us Moshiach today

Hashem, we demand You fulfill Your vow
We want Moshiach — we want him right now
Together, let’s cry out straight from our hearts
We demand that You do Your part

The Rebbe has told us what we must do
Tzifiyah, and begging for Moshiach Tzidkeinu
The buttons are polished, the work is complete
Our Father awaits for His dear children’s plea

Hashem, we demand You fulfill Your vow
We want Moshiach — we want him right now
Hashem, we demand You fulfill Your vow
We want Moshiach right now


Once there was a soldier, and Benjy was his name
Since he joined the army, it hasn’t been the same
All the men wore helmets and uniforms of gray
But Benjy wore a kippah and tzitzis anyway

Chorus: כִּי, כִּי בְךָ לְבַד בָּטָחְנוּ, מֶלֶךְ אֵ-ל רָם וְנִשָּׂא (2×)

Reveille was early, right at the crack of dawn
The men lined up for roll call, their faces pale and drawn
But Benjy was all bouncy, he wasn’t feeling blah —
He always got up early to say Krias Shema

He once was taken prisoner — his captor had a knack
For torturing his captives until he made them crack
He said, “Come on, start talking!” but Benjy answered, “Nope —
It’s time to daven Minchah, so please untie my rope”

Benjy blew a siren before a sneak attack
His unit was alerted, and beat the bombers back
“Hey Benjy, how’d ya know to blow before those planes were showing?”
“It’s Rosh HaShanah morning, that’s a shofar I was blowing”

Benjy forgot his password, one dark and dreary night
The sentry roared, “Who goes there!” and gripped his rifle tight
Benjy said, “Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokeinu…”
Replied the guard, “Hashem Echod!” and let him pass on through

Meals were very tasty, but Benjy had his own
Kosher cheese and pickles, and chocolate ice cream cones
His buddies always snickered, but he just laughed at them
Because he was enlisted in the Army of Hashem


(Tune of Hashem Yishmarcha (Miami Boys’ Choir)

In a small college town
There’s a young man feeling down
His future an uncertainty
“Oh, what will become of me?”

A Chabad House is nearby
The young man gives it a try
“Maybe directions here I can find
And have some peace of mind”

He discusses Yiddishkeit
All through the night
But he cries, “I don’t belong —
I am too far gone”

The shliach says, “Not true
הֲגַם שֶׁחָטָא, יִשְׂרָאֵל הוּא —
No matter where you may roam
You can always come back home”


A young boy holds a small cup in his hand
Reciting words he can barely understand
But on his face, there shines a joyful light
He is making kiddush Friday night

“Father, Father, please join in with me
Father, Father, I’m lonely, can’t you see?
Let’s daven together, that is my dream —
וְהֵשִׁיב לֵב אָבוֹת עַל בָּנִים”

A young girl holds a candlestick so bright
Preparing to light the candles Friday night
Her mother is watching with tears in her eyes
Her daughter turns to her and cries

“Mother, Mother, please join in with me
Mother, Mother, I’m lonely, can’t you see?
Let’s light together, that is my dream —
וְהֵשִׁיב לֵב אָבוֹת עַל בָּנִים”

Throughout the world, children pure and true
Are teaching Torah to every single Jew
Their parents are learning, and they are so proud
And together they all cry out loud

“Father, Father, when will the geulah be?
Father, Father, we’re lonely, can’t You see?
Please bring Moshiach, that is our dream —
וְהֵשִׁיב לֵב אָבוֹת עַל בָּנִים”


We’ve existed so long, for the Torah kept us strong
And the Torah will never disappear—oh, no!
Through the ages, it was brought
By the children, who were taught
To follow it, and constantly declare

“I’m a Jew, and I’m proud
And I’ll sing it out loud
’Cause forever, that’s what I’ll be—

“I’m a Jew, and I’m proud
And it’s without a doubt
That Hashem is always watching over me!”


(Tune of Keili Chish Go’ali)

Strolling along down the street
An old friend I happened to meet
With a puzzled expression he did say
“Yankel, you’re different today”

Turning to him with a start—
“Of those old things I want no part
Tefillin I don’t wear, Kosher I don’t keep
Yet remaining a good Jew at heart”

“Please, my dear friend, listen to me
Yiddishkeit must be done physically—
You cannot hide your religion inside
And remain a Jew with pride

“Tefillin to don, tzedakah to give
Only then have you learned how to live
הַמַּעֲשֶׂה הוּא הָעִיקָר
The reason we’re created for”


Wake up, Yidden, from the dream of golus
Get ready to meet Moshiach Tzidkeinu
Geulah is coming swiftly towards us
Hinei Zeh Omeid Achar Kosleinu

There will be no more wars, no more will lions roar
Umol’oh Ho’oretz Dei’oh
In a Mikdash built of flame, we’ll give thanks to His Name
And march to Geulah with the Rebbe Shlita


It happened Yom Kippur, as they were praying
A truck pulled up, the sergeant was saying
“A war has broke out, we need all our men
To serve Lemaan Hashem”

Young Mottel turned ’round to his father beside him
“Father, advise me before I go fight them
Give me a berachah I should have hatzlachah
And let’s hope we’ll meet again”

“Oh, Mottel my son, do not be dejected
We have a Mezuzah, you’ll be protected —
Set aside time during each day
To study His Torah and pray…

“Speak to our soldiers that will be with you
Teach them בְּכָל דְרָכֶיךָ דָּעֵהוּ
ה’ יִשְׁמָר צֵאתְךָ, safe and secure
Until you’ll be with us once more”


We’ve existed so long
’Cause our Emunah kept us strong
That Moshiach is coming any day

Through the ages, we have known
That he’ll come, and take us home
Ani Maamin B’Moshiach, we would say

Now, the Rebbe has assured
The time is here, at last
Higia Zeman Geulaseinu

So, together we must come
And prepare ourselves, as one
To greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu


The little bird is calling
It wishes to return
The little bird is wounded
It cannot fly, but yearns
It’s captured by the vultures
Crying bitterly
“Oh, to see my nest again
Oh, to be redeemed”

The little bird of silver
So delicate and rare
Still chirps among the vultures
Outshining all that’s there
How long, how long, it suffers
How long will it be?
Oh, when will come the eagle
And set the little bird free?

The little bird is Yisroel
The vultures are our foes
The painful wound is golus
Which we all feel and know
The nest is Yerushalayim
Where we yearn to be once more
And the eagle is Moshiach
Whom we are waiting for!


Am Yisroel, have no fear
Moshiach will be here this year!
Am Yisroel, have no fear
Moshiach will be here this year!

We want Moshiach now!
We want Moshiach now!
We want Moshiach now!
We don’t want to wait


Every Yid possesses a neshamah from above
It’s clear and pure, and brighter even than the sun
Even if he is far from Torah, and his guf is low
Within him is a neshamah, though it may not show

With this thought in mind, we must set our goal
To love every Jew with all our heart and soul
Through Ahavas Yisroel, we come to love Hashem
We’ll honor his Torah as a priceless gem

As soon as we arise, our nefesh weeps and cries
“We will return to Thee
Grant us Your mercy
And redeem us all from golus”


The Western Wall on Friday night, his first time ever there
Strapped into his knapsack, with his long and curly hair
He stood there for a while, then broke out with a smile
Emotion, overwhelming joy, with tears

The men were dancing there, their hearts so full of love
They sang such happy tunes, to thank the One Above
For showing them the way, for giving them a day
To rest, rejoice, with peace of mind, and pray

“Just one Shabbos, and we’ll all be free
Just one Shabbos, come and join with me
We’ll sing and dance to the sky, with our spirits so high
We will show them all, it’s true
Let them come and join us, too” (x2)

I said, “Hello, my friend, you seem to be amused”
He said, “Much more than that — I am a bit confused
I know I am a Jew, I was Bar Mitzvahed too
But Shabbos, in our home, who ever knew?”

He asked to join with us, to understand and see
He spent some time with us, in total ecstasy
Next Shabbos came along, his feelings grew so strong
He first began to feel, that he belonged


He found his treasure, made some changes in his life
A brand-new family, his children and his wife
They learn new things each day, to live the Torah way
The message of the Shabbos, they will relate

Now, every Friday night, they go down to the Wall
Invite some people ’round, and they will tell them all
They’ll teach them this new song, to join and sing along
For soon we’ll all be free, it won’t be long



Simonim of Geulah the Rebbe made us see
The world watches on as it changes drastically

Victory in the Gulf War, the Russian Jews are freed
Weaponry dismantled, replaced by things of need

The golus night is passing, the sun about to rise
All we have to do is to open up our eyes

To feel the Rebbe’s message, to hear the Rebbe’s plea
Omed al hagag, to proclaim to you and me

“Aha, aha, aha aha aha
Anovim, Anovim, Higia Hazeman
The threshold of Geulah we’re standing upon”

Repeat: The golus night…

The Rebbe zol gezunt zein, with all our might, we pray
And lead us to Geulah — today


Many ages ago, Hashem was not known
Idols were worshipped by young and old
They failed to see our true destiny
They wandered around aimlessly

A single star did shine through
אֶחָד הָיָה אַבְרָהָם אָבִינוּ
At a young age of three, he was ready to be
A light for all to see

No matter how useless it seems
Whatever I do, what will it mean
But singlehandedly
You can change eternity

Every Jew has the power to be
An Avrohom for all to see
Because singlehandedly
You can change eternity


Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead
Just walk beside me, and be my friend
And together we will walk in the ways of Hashem


Goodbye America, goodbye pollution
Torah and Mitzvos is the only solution
Goodbye America, goodbye inflation
Moshiach is coming to save the Jewish Nation


(Tune of A Sukkele A Kleine)

Let me tell you a story of honor and glory
In Russia, many years ago
How, through hardships and tears, a young boy adheres
To the Torah, which we love so

Ov Horachamon, One so close to us
Resting in the heavens above
Life’s not worth living without Your giving
Giving us the Torah, which we love

Thunder and rattle swept through the shtetl
The soldiers came to take Dovid’l away
Hob nisht kain morah, just keep the Torah
Was Dovid’l’s dear mother’s last say


Months had subsided, the soldiers decided
The fate of Dovid’l, the boy
He’d forget all his teachings, and set up new preachings
His fate would be lehomir doso


On that fateful morning, it came without warning
A sharp knife did Dovid’l take
My memory still lingers on those missing three fingers
Torah and Mitzvos, he would not forsake


(Tune of Achas Shoalti)

Driving to work, immersed in deep thought
Thinking of taxes, raises and stocks
He thinks about G-d — “Does He really exist
Is there any meaning to all of this?”

In the blink of an eye, his car takes a blow
Into a truck, with much force it does go
Amazed he’s alive, the first thing he sees
The Rebbe’s dollar, just received

Passionately, in his heart, he does cry
“Something מִלְמַעְלָה wouldn’t let me die
My life I must change
Close to Hashem, I do feel
G-dliness has been revealed”


(T.T.T.O. Viheishiv Lev Avos – Tzlil Vazemer)

Throughout the many years,
Of the Rebbe guiding us,
People come to Him,
With their problems to discuss.
“A Brochoh for my son,”
“A new business I’ve begun,”
Regardless, the Rebbe helps each one.
But most of all the Rebbe shows concern,
For Chinuch of children,
The way that they should learn,
A moment of silence, in all Public Schools,
Marching by proudly Tzivos Hashem,
The Rebbe salutes to each of them.
In this way the Rebbe was able to ensure,
Klal Yisroel’s future, it should be secure
Until the time, when we’ll see once again,
The Rebbe saluting proudly, to his Tzi-vos Hashem


(T.T.T.O. Lakol Zman Vaais – Tzlil Vazemer)
The summer has come to an end
Onto the busses the campers ascend
Hurt and upset some do seem
Quite an emotional scene
Chaim asks his counselor why
When leaving camp do people cry
I don’t understand what I see
It’s not such a big-deal for me
The next Friday night at home
Chaim was sitting alone
The chayos and warmth just was not there
And no one to care
A tear runs down from his cheek
He yearns for just one more week
I now understand why they can’t say farewell
To gan yisreal


(Original tune By Simmy M.)
All alone, a young man sits,
His soul crying out from deep within
His Yiddishkeit sold carelessly
He asks Hashem “please let me see”

Few moments later a bochur stands
Before him holding matzos in his hands
Our holy Rebbe sent these to you
For he knows that you’re a Jew

The Rebbe worries for every single Yid
Despite their level or city were they live
For this reason the Rebbe chose his bochurim
Who stand on guard to be sent speedily
For this reason we as Merkos Shluchim
Are marching forth Triumphantly!


(T.T.T.O. “Shabbos” London Pirchei)
Davening and learning a fire always burning
Walking in the forest farbrengens Friday night
Laughter and smiles constantly inspired
Connected to the Rebbe doing all that’s right
Oh! Gan Yisroel my spirit’s always with you
Your sweet memories from my mind will never part
Oh! Gan Yisroel my soul will always breath you
Your soothing melody will always warm my heart
More then any teaching to you I’m always reaching
Lessons that I’ve learned here will always stay with me
So much I owe you if only I could show you
How after this summer a Chossid I will be
Oh! Gan Yisroel…


(T.T.T.O. Acheinu-Avraham Freid)
Unpacking at home reminiscing,
The spirit of Camp Dovid’s missing,
To all of it’s lessons he wishes to adhere,
To carry him throughout the year.

As his year in the Cheder commences,
A difference in him Rebbi senses,
He approaches him asking, to me do explain,
“What inspired this change to be made?”

This summer Gan Yisroel has taught me,
What living as a Chossid truly means,
Having Chayus in Davening and learning,
A love for the Rebbe always burning.

The Farbrengens friday night inspired me,
The Harachamons in Bentching uplifted me,
I live with the lessons they’ve instilled there,
With this I’ll permeate the year.


(Original tune by winning General Simi)

A lonely stray tear drop
From his eye escapes
Betraying the calm look on his face
It seems like just yesterday camp only started
And now it’s time to say goodbye

No matter how many
Times in the past
That I’ve had to say farewell
It never gets easier it only gets harder
Harder to say goodbye

Now I know why Chassidim never say
Chassidim never say goodbye
Wherever we go we’re all together
Together in spirit and soul (x2)

Now as the summer approaches the end
The last day is right around the bend
As hard as I try I just cannot help it
I just cannot help but cry

Now I know…


(T.T.T.O. Niggun Shabbos V’Yom Tov)

Luggage piled up in the hall,
I didn’t want to go at all.
But to the Rebbe’s camp, my parents sent me.

From the moment I arrived,
Something touched me deep inside.
Now Gan Yisroel, you’re where I want to be.

More than pictures on the wall,
I close my eyes and see it all
The Rebbe has come to camp – his children to see.

Oh Gan Yisroel, the camp I love and hold so dear
Oh Gan Yisroel, I feel the Rebbe’s really here.
Still everyday I yearn for a special dollar of my own,
Still I wish to go into Yechidus with the Rebbe all alone.
How I’m dreaming of the day when I wake up to see
The Rebbe’s come to camp – to visit me!

(T.T.T.O. “The Search” JEP)

On a Faraway mountain top speckled with sheep,
A Shepard sits alone, his gaze so deep,
caring for his precious flock with all his might,
Carefully watching each one remains in sight.

Suddenly a bitter cry pierces the air,
A young sheep has wondered, away with out care
the Shepard runs to rescue oh so swiftly,
He bends down to pick up his sheep carefully.

Millions of Yiden though they may not know,
The Rebbe loves each one and cares for him so,
Each and Every Jew the Rebbe hears his cry,
He is diamond in the Rebbe’s eyes.

Our Faithful Shepard won’t forsake his flock,
The Rebbe’s loving care will never stop,
In spite of the darkness, The Rebbe hears our cry,
For He is a diamond in the Rebbe’s eyes.


(T.T.T.O Chassidishe niggun# 25)

His soft footsteps follow the dim flashlight ray
Here his children lay
The young counselor contemplates what he should say

What can I give over to make them alive
To kindel a fire And warm them inside
He then travels back to another place in time
When he was a camper and in th bed did lie

A young boy so free chassidishkiet a foreign thing
When somene so special to me under his wing
How my counselor did stand holding me by the hand
He taught me to see what the Rebbe thinks of me

And so on that night
He brought it back to life
And past on that precious flame to the next child


(Tune of Utzu Eitzah)

Mir zainen di shluchim fun Rebben
Ibber-gegeben mit’n gantzen lebben
Farzeit un farshpreit in aleh shtet
In aleh ekken fun der velt
Mir zainen di shluchim fun Rebben

Ibber fertzig yohr hot der Rebbe unz gelerent
Az kein shliach is kein mol nit elent
In unzereh shtet far-shpreiten Yiddishkeit
Nit nispo’el verren fun keineh shveri-keit
Mir zainen di shluchim fun Rebben

Ibber fertzig yohr hot der Rebbe unz gelerent
Az kein shliach iz kein mol nit elent
In gashmiyus un chumriyus nit zein far-havet
Mivtzo’im un shiurim nor gepravet
Mir zainen di shluchim fun Rebben

Lesakein oilom bemalchus Shin-Daled-Yud
Vail ut ut Moshiach kumt
Az mit dem Rebben’s reshimos vellen mir lebben
Vellen mir zich zehn mit unzer Rebben
Mir zainen di shluchim fun Rebben


(Origanal Tune By Fiz Rabin)
The water’s so calm
The birds sing with charm,
The sun’s spreading forth its bright light,

The oars swish with grace,
I speed up my pace,
The noise from the shore is no more…

Oh Gan Yisroel where are you,
En-gage me please,
In a dream, a vision,
A brush of wind in air,
I feel estranged and distant,
Something’s incorrect,
Gan Yisroel, I need you,
I must reconnect.

My boat turned around,
My heart starts to pound,
The A-frame is growing in size.

Joy fills the void,
That engulfed me before,
The lonesomeness gone – it’s no more.

Oh Gan Yisroel I have you
You’re sweet as can be,
You give me the comfort,

The support that I need,
I feel familiar and welcome
Everything’s just right
Gan Yisroel I thank you,
By day and by night.

The banquet begins,
My mind starts to spin,
How will I manage to leave?

It dawned on me then,
That it ersht begins when,
Gan Yisroel shines forth from within…

Oh Gan Yisroel I have you
You’ve shown me the way,
To cherish a moment,
How a yid spends his day.
To be happy and proud
And feel, lucky too
I thank you Gan Yisroel,
Gan Yisroel thank you!


(T.T.T.O Yifrach Beyomov)

Amongst-the Chasiddim he’d spend his time,
Chazering the Rebbes words, with zest, line by line,
A life of delight, so holy and pure,
He could not think to ask for something more…

But then-to the city he relocates,
He’s struck-by the fashion, the customs of the state,
For-a brief moment a thought crossed his mind,
“Just to taste this life of a new kind”.

A call, comes forth, from deep within his soul:
Theres no way in the world,
I’l drop my dignity,
I am a Chossid!,
And that’s a novelty!
Aha ahay ay ay ay,

My standards aren’t the same,
I bear the Rebbe’s name,
It’s okay for others,
But I must stay away…

We are Chassidim, the Rebbe’s chosen men,
We’re different we’re special,
No matter where or when…

With pride we strive,
Our name to preserve,
Bringing down Moshiach Tzidkeinu…


My father, a Shliach in our town
By the Rebbe was sent down
The Rebbes hand, guiding him
Step by step in his mission

At Farbrengens from week to week
My father heard the Rebbe speak
Whenever in, a time of need
Answers from the Rebbe he received

But I am just a boy
I never felt, the great warmth or the joy
Of standing in the Rebbes holy gaze

Oh how I do yearn
To know in which way I should turn
As I go on my own way

Yet I must go through
My Shlichus I will do
With all the Koichois that I have
As a father in a son
The Rebbe has great trust in me

This is the task at hand
To search out his command
Even though I can not see him
A Chossid I will be
Making the Rebbe proud of me