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Week In Review With The Launchers 10

Hey launchers,
What a week has that been, let’s jump right into it!

On sunday the launchers held a serious meeting about the upcoming summer, iyh lots is in store for the launchers and gan yisroel as a whole, as you will see in the summer, by the way registration for camp is open, ask your parents to sign you up!!!!

On monday and tuesday there was a serious problem, it was only a couple of days before yud shevat, and launcher shea wanted to arrange some mivtzah tanks to leave from the ohel and concquer the whole nyc, but there wasnt so much time, but shea sprung into action (with the help of avi obviously) and arranged this beautiful tank parade!

On yud shevat the launchers made sure to fill out everything in the yud shevat checklist to join amazing raffles (if u didnt do yet, do it now!)

On Friday the launchers went on mivtzoim, making sure every yid has a chance to put on tefilin!

A gut voch!