Camp Gan Israel

Week in review with the launchers 6

The week flew by fast!

On Sunday while preparing for the upcoming gyyr magazine we sat down with counselor Tzvi Bronsteins mammy, to interview here for the counselor article coming up. We heard some funny stories, so look out for the shevat counselor article.

Monday was a calm and relaxed day, obviously, Avi was busy looking around crown heights for malawach. You may be wondering what is malawach? It’s an Israeli dish, which is like fried dough with layers, ok you don’t get it but Avi does.

Tuesday was a fast day, your launchers had a quick and easy fast.

Wednesday was the nephew of launcher Avis bris, mazel tov! A Simcha for one camper is a Simcha for all, (and this boy is a future camper so….)

Then came the hard-hit, launcher Avi and Shea started feeling sick, headaches, and a sore throat. Basically there’s this thingy called the flu and your launchers caught it, ouch!

Shabbos was boring because the launchers were sick, but even though they were sick, they still launched. Oh and ate food obviously!

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Gut voch.