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Yud Shevat 5782!

This week in honor of Yud Shevat we will take a break from the secrets from the head staff and bring you a special article in connection with Yud Shevat, printed in the Shevat magazine:

Did your Mommy or Tatty buy you a cool toy this Chanukah? Was it a race car? A drone? A basketball? Either way I’m sure your very appreciative of the gift and thanked your Mommy and Tatty like a million times!

I’m sure you still have that toy, don’t you? Of course you do! Because it matters so much to you! You are probably very careful about it and wouldn’t let anything happen to it.

As Chassidim in Dor Hashvi’i we have something that so close and important to us that we hold on to it and never let go!

Have you ever heard of the following phrase:

אנהאלטן אין דער קלאמקע

At the end of the Farbrengen of Parshas Yisro 5740, the Rebbe said: you may think that 30 years has passed since Yud Shevat 5710 and 30 represents strength so maybe we now have the strength to stand on our own two feet! But no! A Shepard never forsake his flock, the Rebbe is more with us now than ever! Therefore, we must hold on to the “Klamke” the Rebbe’s doorknob and especially the open door which is the Rebbe’s Ohel.

Tayere Chassidim! Yud Shevat is a Yom Hiskashrus, a day, an opportunity to strengthen our connection with our Shepard – the Rebbe.

Hold onto the doorknob, learn the Rebbe’s Torah, do Mivtzoim!

Chassidim! We got this! We can finally make this world into a Dirah Btachtobim – a home for the Aibersheter!

Make sure you write a pan on Yud Shevat, those that live close by should go to the Rebbe’s Ohel, learn Basi Legani with your Tatty and Farbreng with your family and friends, and check off the Yud Shevat mivtzah to enter the raffles.


TAKE PART IN THE GYYR YUD AND CHOF BEIS SHEVAT MIVTZA: if you need to print the checklist click here.

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If you don’t live locally you can write a pan and send it in online, click here for more info

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