Gan Yisroel Year RoundGan Yisroel Year Round


Color War – Theme Song Team Yam 

He watches the Chassidim rejoice happily
Farbrenging and dancing in total ecstasy
He looks around to see if somebody is there
With whom his feelings he can share

The Chassidim in their minds, the rebbe they do see
I don’t think any of this applies to me
If only I could find, a more exciting way
To fully enjoy and spend my day

Aha ahay aya 3x
Mine kind you must know, you’re not like everyone
The rebbe picked you out to be his son.

Aha ahay aya 3x
The Rebbe is involved in everything you do.
No matter where you turn he goes with you.

Rebbe you’re a part of me
Even when I cannot see
How our souls are intertwined
Your missions always on my mind
You are the essence of my being

Aha ahay aya 3x
Though its tough I still do stand
Marching forth at your command
Full Ibergegebinkeit
Until we will win this fight
We will march out with you hand in hand.

Following the Rebbe’s orders this what we know
Standing strong, not giving up till Galus has to go.
Then the Rebbe comes, with a swing of the hand
Bashefer gather in, my armies to their land.

Color War – Theme Song Team Horim

(T.T.T.O Niggun Hachana)

Prepared to give up his desires
devoted to a cause much higher
living a life in the Rebbe’s way

Yet despite his strong commitment
his heart did not lie with it
he would ask of himself every day:

Why is it not a part of me
isn’t it what I want to be
where is the feeling
for what I strive?

I must understand how great and real (pause)
I’ll contemplate and surely feel
how the task instilled in me
is my whole life!

A Chossid is connected with all of his being
this must be expressed in each and every thing
guiding his actions are his thoughts and emotions
with joy he carries forth and succeeds. (2x)
I must understand…

Color War – Alma-Mater Team Yam 

To the Russian station, they came from far and near,
To see off the Rebbe, so cherished and dear.
He knew he might never – see them again.
He starts to speak and to encourage them:

Tayere Kinder, although I must flee,
Don’t think I am running from the evil KGB!
Se-der – Yesh – Kan
There’s a master plan,
The future beckons me to leave this land.

Today our test is unique,
We cannot hear the Rebbe speak
Guiding and inspiring each day anew
To stay connected at all times,
The Rebbe’s in our daily lives,
This is what we try our best to do.

Tzaddikim plan ahead, for much later on.
Their primary lives, their Ruchniyus lives on.
If we play the crucial part, we were destined for,
We’ll throw away the night forever more.

Tayere Kinder I’ll always be with you.
The Rebbe knew it all, and he told us what to do.
Der Rebbe hut bavorent altz
Everything was planned.
No need to lose it, give it all you can.

Though the Rebbe I can’t see,
His plan’s unfolding before me.
The Rebbe’s taking over, I am watching how.
He is alive today as well.
There are so many tales to tell,
How he helps each person here and now.

Color War – Alma-Mater Team Horim 

T.T.T.O. Lomir Zich Umkeren (Yom Tov Ehrlich)

On a cold winter morning bundled up tightly
my mind drifts to the summer long gone
the air is warm and fresh and the sun is shining brightly

to camp Gan Yisroel I’ve come
The new things I learnt as those few weeks flew by
even now I feel their effect
in Davening in learning with spirits so high
growing as the Rebbe expects

A merit to be in Gan Yisroel
is given to a chosen few
How ill yearn for you Gan Yisroel
your warmth your message so true
That it’s not just about doing what is right
a Chossid has a different life
Es Geit a Chossid, Est a Chossid, Shloft a Chossid

Living in an environment
of Keddusha in all that we do
a summer of joy and excitement
starting each day all anew
Those memories dear are always kept near
giving me strength to continue
at times it feels hard, cold and apart