T.T.T.O. Klimovitcher Niggun

Friendships I have made in camp

Things I heard in learning class

Late-nights, line-up, color war…

I’m starting to ignore 


The care and closeness I have gained

The hiskashrus I’ve attained 

Strong hachlatos I have made

Slowly seem to fade


I came back home full of chayus 

Missing Rambam? There’s no way!

Picturing the Rebbe’s face is how I start my day

But time goes on, life is busy

Friends and homework plus much more

Do I really need to keep on acting like before…?



The Rebbe’s camp – Gan Yisroel – is not meant to be

Just a memory from the past – part of history

The point of camp isn’t just the fun – the sports or lake 

Rather to become a Chossid, and forever changed X2


Now I make a firm decision – I will carry forward

All the precious gifts and missions I’ve received this summer

I’ll continue to farbreng and keep up my hachlatos

Knowing with a certainty the Rebbe’s having nachas 


The Rebbe’s camp…

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