Gan Yisroel Year RoundGan Yisroel Year Round


Two Weeks – Theme Song Team Nachas

I am going home, proud and happy
A report card I hold in my hand
Special work taken, to achieve a completion
A year of effort it stands

I can picture the face of my father
By the first look, he’ll widen his eyes
To believe this could happen, such anticipation
who would expect this surprise

The pleasure that he feels inside of him,
Reflected and brought out by mine
For all that he has done, just for me
To be able to make his face shine

My boundless and never-ending closeness
Me and my tatty have
I am going to bring out today
By making him as happy as I can.
-End chorus-

At the Summer’s end, I am preparing
With a pen and a-paper at hand,
“This month that j16ust passed, for
the year it should last
To the Rebbe I’ll write how I feel”.

My hachlata – daven from the siddur
Every word to be said carefully
I’ll put in the effort,
to bring out this treasure –
The Nachas on his face that I’ll see.

‘cause the pleasure that he feels inside of him,
Reflected and brought out by mine
For all that he does, just for me
To be able to make his face shine

My boundless and never-ending closeness
Me and my Rebbe have
I am going to bring out today
By making him as happy as I can.

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Two Weeks – Theme Song Team Lesaper

T.T.T.O Rotzisa

When i go to school and with my friends i play
We speak about our fathers praising them each way
And when my turn does come i’m not to be outdone
I think my father is someone unique

I am a son, a one and only son
To me it is important that my fathers loved
I try to spread the word – to glorify his name
For i’m so proud, of my fathers ways

Aha Aha Aha Aha Aha
I am the Rebbe’s son, just like an only one
I feel so proud to speak about his deeds
Aha Aha Aha Aha Aha
Sometimes i must be strong, defend against all wrongs
And keep my fathers Kavod whole and clean

Aha Aha Aha Aha Aha

So go get out there you and me
Show the world for all to see
That our loving father is not just ours
But really there for every yid you see

Aha Aha Aha Aha Aha
The Rebbe’s care the Rebbe’s love
Its something different from above
This you’ll only find in a Rosh – A Roeh Neman
We must announce this clearly finally

We will never cease to proclaim with honesty
A Kiddush Lubavitch well make with certainty
The passion stem from a bond that runs so deep
Our feelings for our father are there naturally

The Roish Bnei Yisroel is someone way above
His virtues are not something anyone can touch
We are so lucky to be one family
So let’s go spread the word
Until the world will sing…

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Two Weeks – Theme Song

T.T.T.O. Achein Ata

Achein ata,
Yes you are our father,
Our greatest wish is
To make you even prouder.
Even when I don’t feel like it
I will push to do what’s right
picturing your holy smile
gives me strength and might

Tayere Tatteh,
we’ll always be connected
no matter where or when
your care will be projected
until the day will finally come
when i will proudly sing this song
and we will watch our fathers face glowing happily

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Two Weeks Kicks Night Activity Song

I walked into camp and started thinking,
What’s in that yellow pitcher that the staff are always drinking
When no one’s looking I pour myself a cup,
Then my counselor asked me, “Why did I throw up?.

I was all confused and could not understand,
What is this liquid that the counselors always have in hand
And then one day my counselor finally did tell me
To the pool do go – there you’ll learn and see

I ran up to the pool and just could not believe my eyes,
Filled up to the top was kool ade – every single kind
I took a dive inside but I forgot I couldn’t swim
And that’s when I began to understand…

That night activity, is wacky and crazy
The funniest things you’ll see, is at night activity

For two weeks we’ll go nuts, so don’t be such a klutz
The awesomest place to be is at night activity…

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Chosidel Theme Song

A father so loving, always there, concerned for me
A shepherd who guides me, tending to his precious sheep
Our Nossi, his care breaks through all boundaries
Great affection is displayed for everyone to see
Everything i do, the Rebbe always is with me
The apple of his eye, I am proud to be

This is a zechus, truly unbelievable
But with this comes achrayus, this i must remember too
Af Hu Bachayim – is revealed in all i do
I must always ask myself , “Am i acting as i should?”
Everything i say and see, in every place I’ll be
The Rebbe comes along, he is always there with me


Aha aha…
We the children have the strength and clarity
We have a fire roaring with intensity
The Rebbe places trust in me
Giving me the energy
Telling me, “turn over the whole world”

Aha aha…
I have the koiach to chase away the dark
Learning Torah doing Mitzvos, gathering the sparks
With Darkei Hachassidus, that sheds a light so bright and sweet
Let’s go spread the message – you and me

Stress does the Rebbe, on my simple purity
The passion and Chayus, that only is unique to me
The power of the youth overcomes all walls and barriers
Crumbling resistance and uprooting obstacles
I have no fear of anything that blocks my way
I will persevere and use out every day

I have a mission to lift up our whole universe
Bringing it to heights that it’s never seen before
A Dirah B’Tachtonim- we’ll surely reach our final goal
Carrying out the Shlichus that we all were created for
Fanning the flames, burning down these Golus walls
When each and everyone will break out into song

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Color War – Theme Song Team Anashim

Learning about the Rebbe daily, 
Videos watched together nightly,
the atmosphere in camp
is to follow in his ways

But to me this life seems so far,
I don’t feel involved when I take part,
Though I wish I did
It does not excite my heart

I will not be Nispoel from my lack of feel and thought
though I don’t appreciate, I’ll follow what I’m taught
Fulfilling all my missions, with devotion carefully
I’ll be the feet that carry out his will

Now looking back I see
This decision made the change,
A new Geshmak and Chayus
In Hiskashrus I’ve attained

The actions I have done, transformed
The way I think and feel,
My entire being is now ruled by his will.

Color War – Theme Song Team

The moon shines through the blinds
My eyes they start to close
Pieces from those conversations flowing through my weary mind
Devoted you must be my brother did tell me
To fulfil the will of the Nossi our king

Much effort spent to do
All the walls i’ve broken through
To carry out the Rebbe’s wish
I worked so hard to do whats right
With simple Kabbolas Ol
Just pushing forward – using all my might

But now inside i feel so empty
Something missing something is not right
I don’t feel connected, i don’t seem to care – oh what a bitter plight
Dear brother tell me why do i feel so
What am i missing, where did i go wrong
I need your advice so guide me – zog farvos

Aha Aha Aha Aha Aha
My dear young brother listen as these words to you i do impart
You must first think and understand what is this really all about
And only then can one have feelings in his actions, in his deeds
And even though you might not feel this way
You must remember it won’t just take one day
I promise you that finally you’ll see

Aha Aha Aha Aha Aha
Chassidus Chabad is all about us using out our intellect
This in turn will lea to have a feeling strong you will connect
Your being won’t be something separate from your action, from your deeds
V’yerd Miyam – it starts off in the head
Ad Yam – until it comes down till the end
My dear young brother this is what i meant

You must take out the Rebbe’s Sichos
And study them with great intensity
After which you must sit down and think through carefully
Only then can you expect to have a hergesh feeling finally
And carry it forth in action to the final sea…

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Color War – Alma-Mater Team Anashim

A binder i noticed, stowed away with care
it seems like it contained a secret, what could be in there?
Looking through the papers, a treasure i find
letters that have guided him, my father through his life

sholom uvrocho, the rebbe’s havtacha
encouraging and validating,
oh, my heart starts aching
blessings for a simcha, resolving a dilemma
the tears start to form in my eyes

Father is so lucky that he has received
personal attention, clear to be seen
but all i see is darkness
how can i really know
i wish that such attention to me would be shown

Sitting near my father he looks deep in thought
i wonder what is he thinking, what is going on
then all of a sudden he turns to face me
“my son you should know that i’m jealous of you”

the letters you write, how you pour out your heart
in front of your rebbe like a soldier you stand
learning rambam each day, as the rebbe taught you
with dedication mivtzoyim you do 

my son, my dear son, you’re so young and so pure
the deep connection you have with the nosi hador
your unwavering devotion, your pshitus is gold
i wish that such peshitus would be found in my soul

Color War – Alma-Mater Team Talmidim

T.T.T.O. Lulei Sorascha (Journeys)

The calendar I see,
Becoming clear to me,
An auspicious day is fast approaching.

Preparing to receive,
Hoping to achieve,
A connection for the whole year forthcoming.

From the Sichos so clear;
Growing stronger each year,
Af Hu Bachayim – eternally.

Though darkness around,
To this he’s not bound,
His presence is felt everywhere.

Davening at the ohel, In his holy presence,
A farbrengen I watch, A special experience,
Through-Shlichus, I see your hand carries me,
Giving the strength that I really need.

By the Rebbe I’ll stand,
From him I will ask,
“A testament to this, help me to be”
Every thought, every deed,
The Rebbe should lead,
Living inside of me eternally.

The day has arrived,
Emotions they rise,
As a letter to the Rebbe, I’m writing.
Though preparing to receive, Hoping to achieve,
A connection higher than ever;

But from deep inside, A cry in my heart,
A year passed, in the same situation.
How can I still be, In this Golus so deep,
so different than life should be.

Oh how I do yearn to Daven in his presence,
A Farbrengen with the Rebbe to truly experience,
Your koach felt strong In all that I do
That’s not enough – I need to see you.

By the Rebbe, I stand, From him I demand,
Ad Mosai – When will I see you again?!
This cannot go on, Year after year,
We must have the Rebbe, lemata down here.

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