Gan Yisroel Year RoundGan Yisroel Year Round


Color War – Theme Song Team Tzovo

T.T.T.O. Harninu Leilokim

Drafted to the army, there to win the war,
Tasked with a position, they are to carry forth,
Each one is unique, something only he can do,
To execute their mission, with which to carry through.

Every soldier is cut out for something of his own,
Developing his skills to heights he’s never known,
With one in intelligence, the other on the ground
They can be victorious on all of those around.

Chorus: Aha, ahey, ayayay
To utilize his talents is every soldier’s role,
Improving it and building it, to achieve their goal,
For the final victory, the army as a whole
Depends on each one giving every aspect of his soul.  

Color War – Theme Song Team Eved

T.T.T.O. Emes Malkeinu
In camp he arrives,
towards the shul he walks alone.
Picturing a summer,
with so much still unknown.

Your staff chose to come,
The head counselor did explain.
Though by staying in yeshiva,
They had much more to gain.

Counselor please tell me, why is it so
A summer of learning to forgo
You give to us campers, each moment each day,
Always at our side you do stay.

My camper there’s something, that you must learn,
It’s not about enjoyment, or what may be earned.
The plan that was made must be fulfilled,
To this I’ve given over my will

It’s for this exact reason I came here with you,
with the same joy and chayus in all that I do.
Through this dedication a connection is formed,
much deeper than our actions on our own

Color War – Alma-Mater Team Tzovo

TTTO: Vhu Keili

Standing in the heat,
Walking down the street
Going with his father, holding tefillin,
Hayom yom on the way
To school every day,
Each morning – the Rebbe’s Tehillim.

“I always try my best
To do as you request
Fulfilling my mission as directed,
But I wish I could feel
How our bond is real;
If only I felt more your presence.”

Chorus (sing twice)
The meals Friday night,
The duchos they write,
Living Veholachta Bidrochov,
Through songs that are sung
Their spirits become
Completely invigorated
(Second time, repeat:)

It permeates his soul
His being as a whole;
His life infused with a passion.
“Now I do feel
How our bond is real
Experiencing personal connection.”

“The meals Friday night,
The duchos I write,
I’m living Veholachta Bidrochov,
Through songs that are sung
My spirit becomes
Completely invigorated!”

By the meal Friday night
With all of his might
“Harachaman Hu Yevoreich Es Adoneinu,”
A heartfelt wish so real,
Finally I feel
Your presence here with me,
Right here with me!

Color War – Alma-Mater Team Eved

T.T.T.O. Machnisei Rachamim (MBD)

Thousands and beyond
To each one you respond
Giving them Brachos to succeed

Our letters in your hand
For hours you do stand
Davening for all that we need

Torah you do share
For all of us to hear
Lessons to be a better Jew

The message is conveyed
Through loving care displayed
you think of us in everything you do

Oy, Oy, Oy

“Thank you Rebbe” simply won’t suffice
I’m ready to give back with sacrifice
Although what I’ll do will not compare
All of us will do our share
Your attention to me is so dea-eee-r

As a chosid, I know what I must do
“Rebbe I will give my life to you”
To achieve your rotzoin is my will
whatever it is, I’ll do with zeal
till your mission will have been fulfilled

Moshiach War – Theme Song Team Lilmod

T.T.T.O. Bilvavi

An era of fear and confusion,
Thousands lost, faith undermined.
An image of exile’s conclusion
Begins to take form in his mind.

The Mikdash in all of its glory,
Gathered as one in our land,
Our pain, our sorrow, our worry
Finally to understand.

Oh, how I yearn, I wish I were there,
When will the time arrive?
The light of Hashem seen everywhere,
To Torah devoting our lives.

I long for the day, the picture is clear
The Rebbe will be at our side
Torah Chadasha from him we will hear.
How long must I wait – Ad Mosai!

Moshiach War – Theme Song Team Lichiyos

T.T.T.O. Bicha Hashem Chosisi

His Rebbe, he comes to ask Fulfilling, his wish at last Eretz Yisroel, is where he wants to be Davening with all his might This is, where my dream, can be reality
Torah, day and night

For a purpose, you were placed, so very far away Impacting, all that’s around you, every single day Attaining everything you ever wanted to receive Eretz Yisroel, here you can achieve

Kicking sand in learning class Waiting for the time to pass Learning, never ends, he runs right to the game Sports with, his team is tough No one else tries enough Every game he likes to find, others to blamer

We are all preparing, for a very special time
When everything, will be uplifted, totally divine
Learning Torah, doing Mitzvos, is what we will
do Ahavas Yisroel, to every single Jew

Aha hey, ay vay vay.
In our times, the task is clear We’re coming to a stage so near Bringing it into my life.
Mach Doh Eretz Yisroeee,eel

Ay vay vay
To lead my life, in such a way I’m living in a whole new world Revealed in everything I do and say Expressing it, throughout the day.

Listening, in learning class, now comes to me with ease
Always with Ahavas Yisroel, that guarantee I feel alive, in all I do, like a Chossid does Lichyos with Moshiach, that’s who he becomes x2

Moshiach War – Alma-Mater Team Lilmod


T.T.T.O. Niggun Meyuchas L’reb Hillel Paritcher

The very first Maamer, a message contained,
Our mission explained
A Chossid’s commitment forever ingrained.
“We have a task, we must finish soon
There’s no time to wait, it’s Friday past noon.”

Throughout the decades, we spread the light
Reaching new heights
Until the-Rebbe’s outcry Chof Ches Nissan night
“Forty years passed, what has been done?
What have we accomplished if he hasn’t come?”

“Tut Altz Vos Ir Kent”
– all that you can
Go on to complete
– what the Rebbe began.

“Ker A Velt Heint” – leave no stone unturned
Have every Jew impacted, each one returned

Learn about how
Live with it now
But Shabbos is coming, we must be concerned

That thirty years passed, and what has been done?
What have I accomplished if he hasn’t come?

Moshiach War – Alma-Mater Team Lichiyos

In zal Friday night they sit alone
Marriv has concluded long ago
The likkut they learnt, to the meal they won’t go
Waiting, for the Rebbe, to leave for his home

On his way the rebbe is respected
From amongst them a group is selected
Escorting him there, their own private time
When arrived, a thank you, the rebbe does reply

a personal connection, an intimate relation
an experience was given, to the past generation

we yearn for this presence, so special so real
our fathers closeness to feel

The time will arrive, when with him we’ll be
To live with these moments, to physically see
With love he will greet us, finally when
Together with the Rebbe once again

At Fabrengens the Chumash is open
To the chassidim the questions are given
The following week the Rashi is discussed
Appreciating answers from each one of us