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Dvar Torah: Parshas Vayishlach
Avi & Shea Go To A Petting Zoo

As Avi and Shea rode in the back of a taxi on the way to a special, exclusive petting zoo, they spoke about all the cool animals they were gonna see!

Shea was especially excited to see the chickens because chicken was his second favorite food after pizza of course!

Avi wasn’t as excited about seeing the chickens, he wanted to see the goats because they have cool beards!

Eventually, they arrived at the petting zoo and got right to petting the animals. Avi wanted to ride the chickens but they didn’t let him.

As they were preparing to leave after about an hour they noticed there was one more animal that they didn’t visit – Chamor the donkey!

They went to the donkey and Avi told Shea a funny joke:

“What did the donkey say to the couch?”


“Nothing! because donkeys can’t talk!”

As Avi and Shea rolled on the floor laughing the Donkey laughed with them!

Shea launched in the air so high that it took 5 minutes till he landed back on earth!

“Did the donkey just laugh?” Avi asked Shea, “I think so” Shea responded.

Then the donkey introduced himself “Hi, I’m Chamor the donkey!”

Shea launched so high this time that it took a half-hour till he landed again!

The donkey saw that they were shocked so he decided to Chazer a Dvar Torah he heard that week to lighten the mood:

“In this weeks Parsha – Vayishlach, we learn about Yakov sending angels to meet his brother Eisav to tell him that he’s coming from Lavans house and he worked longer than he expected, Yakov also told his angels to tell Eisav that he acquired cattle, donkeys and sheep.

The Midrash explains that when Yakov mentioned the donkey he was referring to Moshiach.

Yakov was telling Eisav that he worked in the physical world in Lavans house and lifted all the sparks of Hashem to the heavens, and he is now ready for Moshiach. Yakov was hoping Eisav would be ready for Moshiach as well and they can go to Moshiach together.

When the Angels returned they told Yakov “We came to your brother, to Eisav” Basically telling Yakov that although you are ready for Moshiach your brother is still Eisav and he is not yet ready and therefore Moshiach can not come yet…”

Avi and Shea still slightly shocked by a talking donkey, were very intrigued by this Torah lesson, they screamed out to the donkey: “Nu? what’s the lesson? How do we launch from this?”

The donkey continued:

“We are the Rebbe’s Kinder, the Rebbe’s Shliuchim, we work on our Avodas Hashem, we do what we need to do etc. But that’s not enough! We need to make sure every Yid is ready for Moshiach! That every Yid is doing their part!

The lesson is that we need to go out into the world and take over! Bring Yiddishkeit to every single Yid, purify the world once and for all and bring Moshiach!”

“WOW,” Avi and Shea said in unison, that’s so inspiring!

Shea looked at Avi and said: “Avi! what are we waiting for lets launch and find every Yid and bring Moshiach!”

The donkey then disappeared into thin air!

Good Shabbos Gan Yisroel!

L’chaim Chassidim!