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Gan Yisroel Year RoundGan Yisroel Year Round

Setting up Tustin! Part One

Secrets from the Head Counselors – Tuesday, 5 Kislev

As many of you know, this year we had the special Zechus to spend the first summer in Gan Yisroel history in the brand new campgrounds of Tustin!

Give yourself a pat on the back! Good job!

What you may not know is that before Tustin was ready, the Head Counselors arrived only to find some leftover mayonnaise in the fridge from the Kettunen Center!

So our dear director gave head counselor Mendel Azimov, the keys to a massive truck and told him to go to Kalkaska and get things for camp.

So all the head staff made their way to Kalkaska and when they arrived they tried thinking of what they needed in Tustin to prepare for camp.

First Levi Shemtov tried taking all of Kalkaska’s rowboats and Kayaks because we need at least one red and blue Kayak for color war!

But sadly wade told us that they need them in Kalkaska.

Next, we went to the other side where wade couldn’t see us and started filling the truck with dirt from Admas Kodesh to bring to Tustin. Once the truck was full of dirt we were satisfied and made our way back to Tustin.

On the way back we went on a runaway to a gas station and a nice man paid for our drinks because he loves Jews!

When we arrived back in Tustin we were so excited to show our director, Levi Raichik all the dirt we brought back!

But when Hillel Pritzker opened the truck all the dirt came pilling on top of him! Once we got Hillel out of dirt EMT Mendel Goldstein gave him an ice pop and he was ok.

Then Levi Raichik came outside and when he saw the dirt he started screaming at us that we were supposed to get real things for camp like benches, beds, siddurim, etc.

Right then and there the truck disappeared into thin air and we had no way of going to Kalkaska. We spent the next few days spreading the dirt around different areas of camp and that’s when the campers showed up at the beautiful new campgrounds.

So if you ever wondered why there wasn’t enough Sodurim or why we were forced, against our will, to sit on normal chairs for the first few weeks it’s because you had the Zechus to stand on some holy dirt.

Either way after spending a summer of learning and davening in Tustin, we have definitely elevated it and it is now a world-recognized religious destination in Tustin and attracts close to 500 people every summer!

“Near Tustin I wait, around the glistening lake!”

Until next Tuesday.

Your head staff.