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Secrets from the head staff:
Hiring the head staff, Part 6

Levi Shemtov was a staff member in Gan Yisroel from a very young age. In the summer of 5772 at the age of 16 years old, Levi joined the Gan Yisroel family as a Mishnayos Baal Peh Director!

Levi was most famous that summer for breaking out a trip in the most casual way, simply by announcing to the whole camp that there will be MBP on the busses!

Another thing Levi was famous for was his role as the Shamash in the now-classic staff play of 5772!

It is interesting to note that most of the staff in camp (including head staff) were campers in camp while Levi Shemtov was a staff member, some staff were campers when Levi was already a Head Counselor!!!

Levi returned to camp for the next few summers in many different and unique positions (except 5775) finally in 5777 things changed for Levi:


Levi Shemtov was the head counselor of the famous BMD program of 5777, with just 35 campers, each and every camper felt the personal love and attention that they needed in Gan Yisroel, BMD that summer was on lakeside because Levi Shemtov said he can’t run a camp that’s so far away from the A-Frame…

Many people look at BMD 5777 and don’t put much thought into its success and try to erase it from their brain, but for Levi that was the launch of his career! That was when everything made sense to him, everything seemed ok!

How did this lead to his summer in Tustin 5781? Find out next Tuesday right here!