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Week In Review With The Launchers 2

Oh wow, what a week it’s been, let’s jump right to it.

It was Sunday afternoon in crown heights where both of your launchers, Avi and Shea are launching (and learning) for the year, after a few hours of learning lunch break finally came, unfortunately they served a really gross lunch that day, asparagus and rice, who even eats that?! So Your launchers decided to go buy food. Avi sees ess and bentch and goes straight in to buy a hotdog, the problem was shea wanted to go to Kingston pizza to buy pizza, and that’s where it all went down, We got into a screaming match, within moments half of crown heights were standing around and taking videos of us, nah, we are just joking, no one actually came to footage us, but avi and shea were very upset at eachother “hotdogs” avi screamed, “no, pizza” answered shea, and on and on and on, it seemed as if the world was gonna end, but then avi and shea chapped that they can each buy the food they want and then everyone will be happy, and guess what? It worked!

Monday through wednesday were pretty regular days for your launchers, each of the launchers revieved about 63 phone calls a day from campers, some crying that they miss us, some prank calling, and some just wanted to farbreng!

Thursday was the most craziest day ever!!!!!
I’m not sure if you guys know this, but We’ll let you in on a little scoop, but don’t tell the headstaff we told you, 3,2,1, STAFF PLAY !!!!! Ha! I’m joking, it’s actually the GRAND TRIP!! Ok, all jokes aside, every thursday night Avi and Shea meet up in a secret Location and discuss and work on the gyyr magazine, so every thursday is a good day, so next time it’s thursday and you’re feeling down, remember thursday is the gyyr planning day, and you will instantly be happy.

Shabbos was bh very nice, we are pretty sure Avi gained 12 pounds (minimum) from his Bubby’s food!

Alright, we will see you soon.

Tune in on monday for a special memory monday video!!!!!
Tuesday- secrets from the headstaff
Thursday- dvar torah
Friday- weekly erev shabbos video