Camp Gan Israel

Week In Review with the launchers 4

Shea and his Tatty celebrate at Levi Shemtovs L’chaim!

What a week it has been, lets start from the beginging of the week…

So on sunday Avi woke up (obviously from the revelly tape), went to mikva, and then realized it was only 5:45 in the morning, he went back to his room and (obviously) shea was still sleeping, avi decided to go to the bakery to buy fresh doughnuts (because hey chanukah is coming up, and who doesnt love doughnuts ha!) Avi went to the bakery to hear lo and behold the doughnuts were sold out already!!! Huh?! 5:45 AM and the doughnuts are already sold out?!?!?! Terrible!! Alright Avi decided to buy a potatoe bagel instead! And that’s what he did, a nice fresh potatoe bagel, but if you know avi you know potatoe bagels, so by the time he got to shea, he already ate sheas bagel, oh well…

On Monday night the launchers paid a visit to their dear employee, Levi Shemtov by his L’chaim! What a night it was!

On Tuesday avi and shea learned their brains out, NO JOKES!!! So much, that their teacher even asked them to calm down, so avi and shea went on to explain that this is part of launching, we cant stop ! (Dont try this at home) the teacher to say the least was worried but let avi and shea figure it out…

Thursday Shea told Avi a joke: where could you find an elephant? The same place you left him!! Hahahaha!!! The rest of the day was pretty boring, no more jokes, oh no….

Friday and shabbos, was difficult, Avi and Shea weren’t together for the first time since the bivowak when avi lost shea (full story coming up soon in the gyyr magazine) avi went to a shliach to help for chanuka…..

Launchers, dont forget to keep launching!!!!!
Chanukah mivtzoim!!!!!!