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Gan Yisroel Year RoundGan Yisroel Year Round

Week in review with the launchers 7

What a week has that been, let’s get right into it!

On sunday Avi and Shea bh finally started feeling better after being sick for a few days, they were finally able to get back into their learning (and ofcourse launching). The Launchers heard a good vort about camp from Hc Levi Shemtov that they want to share “Camp is a time when everything is completely good, so having GYYR makes everything good”!

Monday and Tuesday were typical days but with a special twist.
On Monday lunch in yeshivah was hotdogs, which makes Avi very happy obviously, but Avi was milchigs, but Shea was able to fress hotdogs while Avi had to find something else to eat and he ended up buying pizza, so the tables changed with Avi fressing pizza and Shea fressing hotdogs!

On wednesday Avi and Shea met up for lunch with his 8th cousin 12 times removed Levi Katz to discuss camp for next year. Yes! Camp for next year has already began! And your launchers are coming back, don’t worry!

Thursday was a crazy day! Yes! It was GYYR magazine day! Avi and Shea sat for hours working on the upcoming Shevat magazine which will iyh be by your house in the coming days!

On Friday the Launchers mainly spent their time on mivtzoim, helping fellow yidden in Manhattan put on tefilin that day, there was a jewish guy who put on tefilin with the launchers, he told them how he is feeling very sad lately, the launchers taught him what launching is and before you knew it he was back to his good old self, happy and living a good life!

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