Camp Gan Israel

week in review with the launchers 9


We cant believe its been soooooo many months since we left camp, but at least we have the gyyr program to keep us involved in camp and most importantly to keep launching.

I mean in camp you weren’t able to know everything your launchers did, but now with the gyyr website you get weekly reviews on everything they do, how lucky!!!

This week was a pretty calm and boring week.

The launchers actually met some other launchers in crown heights!!!

But most importantly the pizza store is still closed and avi and shea have moved on to falafel, ew!

On Tuesday the launchers were officially rehired to camp, so when you come in the summer, don’t worry! The launchers will be there with you!!!

Ok iyh next week we will do more crazy things so you can have a fun time reading it!!!

A gut voch!!!!!