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Week In Review With the launchers 8

Welcome to the 8th week in review with the launchers!

On sunday Avi went to a wedding of a dear freind in Boro Park, whilst there a few non lubavitcher chasidim were farbrenging with Avi about the vort of launching, they promised to take the vort with them for the rest of their lives, and send the message to the world!

On Monday the launchers spent most of their time learning extra intensely being that its just over 100 days until yud alef nissan 120 years (guys dont wait till the last second, get involved now!!)

On Tuesday and Wednesday there was a big problem, and not just a big problem but this caused tremendous saddnes to them, the Pizza store which they always ate from closed down, please daven for shea because he hasn’t ate pizza for over 4 days already.

On thursday Avi and Shea farbrenged in honor of their freinds birthday, shea made a hachloto to make sure to send in his gyyr missions until yud alef nissan, avi made a hachloto to make an expanded nissan gyyr magazine!

Shabbos was a day filled with learning and farbrenging by the Rebbe’s ohel!

Gut voch!
And keep launching!!!!!!