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Week In Review With The Launchers 3

Oh wow!
That was a crazy week!

On Sunday, your Launchers, Shea and Avi went to Boro Park because they heard that there is free falafel there, and as many of you guys may have heard, the prices for falafel in NYC raised up, so Avi and Shea went to go get falafel so that they can sell it and make money so they pay for the gyyr magazines to get printed, and guess what it worked! Avi and shea sold the falafel to bmd hc mordechai rosinsweig for 150$!

Monday was pretty calm.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Avi and Shea decided to learn for 48 hours straight, it lasted about 3 minutes, so after that, they decided to go on a run for an hour to lose weight, which lasted only about 2 minutes. Basically, Avi and Shea decided to go launch some random people in Crown heights, the first person they met was a big mashpia R’ Shlomo Zarchi, Shlomo asked Avi and Shea what the whole inyan of launcher is? So Avi and Shea explained to him what it is, Reb shlome decided that this is something which needs to be taught to all the bochurim learning in 770 (Reb Shlome is the mashpia in 770) he asked us to come and give a speech to the bochurim, of course we agreed, and we are actually now preparing a class for them!

On Thursday it was Yud Daled Kislev, the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s wedding anniversary, in honor of this special day the gyyr team made a gyyr zoom rally! Bh over 60 campers and staff joined an amazing program! Joined by guests rabbi Chaim Mentz, rabbi Zvi Hershkowitz and many more, also there were amazing raffles at the end!

On motzei shabbos, the launchers along with levi shemtov, and Arik Deren, made visits to a number of houses in NY for mini gyyr reunions!!