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Weekly Dvar Torah:
Avi & Shea find the last doughnut!

“Shea!” Avi screamed. “There’s no more doughnuts!”

“Oy Avi,” Shea responded, “There’s always more doughnuts…”

Avi began looking far and wide for more doughnuts, he went to every bakery in Crown Heights, but to his utter shock, they were all closed! what type of bakery is closed at 1 AM!

Next, he went from door to door in CH but nobody had doughnuts, he went to his trusted friend and fellow launcher Shea and said: “My dear friend, there is no more doughnuts in the world, I don’t know what else to do, I’ve tried everything.”

Avi was ready to give up when Shea told him, “Avi if you really cared, if you were really being challenged here you would find a way!”

With his newfound hope, Avi began looking for doughnuts until finally, he found the very last jelly doughnut squashed between the cushions of his couch and devoured it.

Shea smiled and told Avi the following story:

“A few thousand years ago, when the Jewish people were under greek rule, there was one small group of Jews who decided to stand up to them, they were called the Maccabees.”

“Shea I know this story, it’s the story of Chanukah!” Avi said while licking the confectionary sugar off his lips.

“Right!” Shea responded, “but let me finish.”

“How did this small group win against the strong and mighty greeks? it was this passion and drive, the challenge that came up against them, that empowered them to gain the strength and trust that they can fight the greeks.

You see, just like the Maccabees found that one jug of oil with the seal of the Kohen Gadol, we all have that one jug of oil inside of us waiting to be discovered, and we are challenged, and yet we throw ourselves into serving Hashem then that spark inside of us is revealed and allows us to overcome the challenge!”

Tayere Launchers, when you feel like the world is against you and life is too hard, remember that it is these moments that give you the strength to overcome the battle!


Wishing you and your family a Happy Chanukah!

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