Camp Gan Israel

Weekly Dvar Torah: Parshas Vayigash
Avi & Shea search for a new camp grounds

As you all know this past summer was the first summer that Gan Yisroel spent in Tustin!

We are all obviously very thankful to the administration for providing us with some beautiful grounds where Gan Yisroel can grow, but did you know the true story about how these grounds were found?

Avi and Shea were working on launching in preparation for the summer when they received a call from Levi Raichik “you have 3 days to find campgrounds for the summer.”

Avi and Shea got very nervous, such a big achrayus!

They took a flight to Traverse City and upon landing realized that they needed a place to stay, they called wade but were told that Admas Kodesh was currently taking a quick nap for the winter, they began googling different hotels to stay in and eventually found a nice place called the Kettunen Center, when they walked in they were taken aback by the beauty of the grounds.

For the next 3 days, they went from one campground to the next, not finding any place for Gan Yisroel to relocate to they returned on the last night of their trip to the Kettunen Center, they were ready to call Levi Raichik to let him know that they failed. When they heard a knock at their door, it was Chris, the manager of the Kettunen Center!

He walked in and said hi launchers here’s the deed to the Kettunen Center just sign here.

And like that Gan Yisroel acquired the beautiful grounds of Tustin!

You see Avi and Shea had the place under their nose the entire time, before they met Chris, they thought it was over, they prepared for the worst, but the story ended up having such a simple and easy solution!

In this week’s Parsha, Parshas Vayigash, Yosef’s Brothers are in a big situation, they were in a fight with the ruler of Egypt, their strongest brother Shimon was in jail, and now their youngest brother, who their father loved dearly was being blamed for stealing the king’s goblin and was at risk. Then to make everything worst, the man causing them so much pain revealed to the brothers that he was in fact their long-lost brother Yosef!

At this point the brothers were in their worst situation yet, they were convinced that Yosef set this all up as a big plan to take revenge on the way his brothers treated him.

But instead, Yosef explained to his brothers that this was all Hashem’s plan to bring him to his state of power so he can take care of his family.

The situation went from terrible to amazing in the blink of an eye!

The lesson is clear, sometimes when things aren’t looking good, the solution can be more simple than you would think, we have to have pure faith in Hashem that the correct and simple solution will be found.

So if something is bothering you, hang in there, don’t give up, the Aiberhster will help.

Good Shabbos Gan Yisroel!

The GYYR Team.