Camp Gan Israel


The campers arrived saftely to the new beautiful grounds of Gan Yisroel!


The first day of camp was spent getting to know there learning teachers and enjoying Sky Zone Trampoline Park


Our campers took part in the mezuzah placing ceremony for the new camp grounds. Every bunk then put a mezuzah on their bunk house together with their counselor


Tonight we had the first night activity of the summer! Bh the kids all had a blast, afterwards we davened maariv, watched a short video of the rebbe and headed to bed!


Today we had special rain day activities, the kids played gaga, board games,puzzles, and got to check out the canteen 😃!


A gut voch from gan yisroel! After havdallah and shabos competition winneres were anounced, the kids enjoyed a grand chosidel launch!


Today we had a fire drill, followed by a visit from the tustin fire department, spraying💦 all the tayere campers 🚒. Then we had a grand staff vs. campers baseball game ⚾️.
Another beautiful day here in Gan Yisroel, The campers enjoyed learning class 📚, activities 🏈⚾️ , and getting a chance to swim in the beautiful lake 🏝. By night activity we had a grand game of “escape from russia”, finishing off a great day here in gan yisroel!


Today we had a grand sports 🏀 🏈 launch, where all the campers revieved their very own caps🧢, and our sports director mendel rappaport laid out the rules for the sports leagues 5781, for the younger division “the rebbes seforim league” and for the older division “the chasidshe shtot league”. Afterwards the campers enjoyed the first day of leauges!!


By lunch the “talmid hashevua” 🏆of each learning class was announced. Later in the day the campers had a grand chosidel rally where they watched a video of the rebbe and answered questions 📝 on the sicha! By night activity we had a bean hunt, the beans will be counted and will be used as buy items in the upcoming Chinese auction!


On thursday we had a grand bivouac! The younger division started off the day with bowling 🎳, while the older division went rafting 🚣‍♂️! Then we all met up by the bonfire 🔥, set up our sleeping bags and got ready for an action packed night! First a bbq 🌭, singing around the fire , stories, farbrengens, and then a good nights rest in the outdoors!


Enjoy a full recap of the first amazing week of Gan Yisroel, Tustin, Michigan! Hosted by Avi Katz of Tustin News
On sunday the shabos competition winners went go carting 🏎 and mini golf ⛳️! The six grade division went on a special trip to bowling 🎳! The flag of gan Yisroel arrived and we held a grand flag raising, led by our director levi raichik. Which led to the amazing night activity, “capture the flag 🚩!
Today all the bunks went on a hike, each bunk went on one of the beautiful trails which are on grounds! We ended off the day with an amazing night activity ran by our dedicated front office manager/night activity director Avi Katz!
What a great day in gan Yisroel! Davening 📖, learning 📚, sports 🏈 ⚾️. Ending off another amazing day with a grand brothers night by night activity!!


We finished off last week with an amazing grand trip. Sand dunes, amusement park🎡🎢,roller blading 🛼, and ending off with an amazing water park 🏊‍♂️!!


Wow what an amazing shabos in gan yisroel!! From the meals, singing, davening, farbrenging, a great way to finish off an amazing week here in gan yisroel!! On motzei shabos we had a grand chosidel event, where all the campers enjoyed ice cream🍦and chocolate milk🧋, and recieving their very own chosidel wallets!!
The campers spent a few Geshmakeh days in Gan Yisroel, making pizza with Chef Shmullie, enjoying learning class and having an amazing time in Tustin Michigan!


Wow! What an amazing past few days! We had an amazing color war, we had plays, songs, skits, finishing off with a grand sing, all bringing out the toichen if the two teams “eved” and “tzovo”!


On Thursday night we had a chosidel rally where we all watched 🎥 and answered questions ❓ from a video of the rebbe ! We had a great shabos together! For many it was the last shabos in camp 😢.


Yesterday the color war winners we’re anounced. Later in the day the banquet begined. Speaches from the heart, awards, best bunk, sports, learning class, mbp, chosidel etc… Followed by camp songs and headed to the busses. 🎶 Goodbye gan yisroel farewell to those wonderful times 🎶.