Secrets from the head staff: Hiring the head staff!

Secrets from the head staff:
Hiring the head staff, Part 1

It was Chai Elul 5777, the most amazing successful summer of 5777 has just concluded and the Tayere staff were beginning to learn in Yeshivah.

All of the sudden, three staff members received an anonymous phone call. They received it at the same time and the message on the other line were the exact same words.

“5781. Get ready for an amazing summer, you have been chosen.”

That was it! The entire phone call!

Who received that phone call you ask?

That needs a whole new story, but don’t worry, we have time.

Our story takes us back to 5763, Levi Shemtov was then a young boy living in West Bloomfield Michigan, it was a simple time for Levi, for starters he was known simply as Levi, with no additions and he was not yet introduced to what would become his life source for many years to come.

That summer his parents sent him to Gan Yisroel for the first time. Levi was a natural camper, always by meals and davenings. He paid attention by learning class and was pretty decent at sports (at watching his friends play that is).

One day the head counselor of camp walked into the A-frame (the A-frame is an iconic structure of the old campgrounds in Kalkaska, MI (Oh how it pains my heart to need to specify this to someone who spent a summer in Gan Yisroel…)) and he saw Levi staring at the ceiling. He asked Levi if everything is alright. Levi screamed back at him “1,248!” The head counselor was clearly confused so Levi explained: “Thats how many planks of wood are in the A-frame, 1,248!”

The head counselor quickly called Rabbi Moshe Shemtov, the chief director of Gan Yisroel, and told him “Mark your calendar! the summer of 5781 will be epic!”

That summer the directorship of Gan Yisroel paid very close attention to Levi, he noticed the smart and creative way Levi dug the ditch to the lake, he wasn’t like other campers, he was clearly on a higher level!

Another thing they noticed is the way Levi managed to sleep so comfortably on mushy carpets, it was clear that this is what Gan Yisroel was looking for. This was noticed inside an arcade on the grand trip where they found Levi snuggled behind a gam machine…)

On the last day of camp as Levi was packing he felt an urge to say goodbye to Gan Yisroel in a real way. Levi walked outside of his trailer (Yes! they used to sleep in trailers, can you imagine!), looked at the lake, and cried. Levi felt a feeling of Gan Yisroel light up inside of him and he knew that Gan Yisroel will be with him all year-round!

Now, what does this have to do with the 3 phone calls? 

For that, you will have to stay tuned to next week’s Secrets from the head staff where we will explore this story more in-depth.

Until Next time! (Tuesday of course!)



Memory Monday: First Day! Second Session

Memory Monday: First Day! (Second Session)

Feels like it was just yesterday when we got off those busses and stepped on the holy ground of Tustin! 

As you know time flies by and its important we do our best to keep up with life, but that doesn’t mean we can remember “the past” especially when its the present! Gan Yisroel forever!

Enjoy this recap of the first day of second session!


Week In Review With The Launchers 4

Week In Review with the launchers 4

Shea and his Tatty celebrate at Levi Shemtovs L’chaim!

What a week it has been, lets start from the beginging of the week…

So on sunday Avi woke up (obviously from the revelly tape), went to mikva, and then realized it was only 5:45 in the morning, he went back to his room and (obviously) shea was still sleeping, avi decided to go to the bakery to buy fresh doughnuts (because hey chanukah is coming up, and who doesnt love doughnuts ha!) Avi went to the bakery to hear lo and behold the doughnuts were sold out already!!! Huh?! 5:45 AM and the doughnuts are already sold out?!?!?! Terrible!! Alright Avi decided to buy a potatoe bagel instead! And that’s what he did, a nice fresh potatoe bagel, but if you know avi you know potatoe bagels, so by the time he got to shea, he already ate sheas bagel, oh well…

On Monday night the launchers paid a visit to their dear employee, Levi Shemtov by his L’chaim! What a night it was!

On Tuesday avi and shea learned their brains out, NO JOKES!!! So much, that their teacher even asked them to calm down, so avi and shea went on to explain that this is part of launching, we cant stop ! (Dont try this at home) the teacher to say the least was worried but let avi and shea figure it out…

Thursday Shea told Avi a joke: where could you find an elephant? The same place you left him!! Hahahaha!!! The rest of the day was pretty boring, no more jokes, oh no….

Friday and shabbos, was difficult, Avi and Shea weren’t together for the first time since the bivowak when avi lost shea (full story coming up soon in the gyyr magazine) avi went to a shliach to help for chanuka…..

Launchers, dont forget to keep launching!!!!!
Chanukah mivtzoim!!!!!!


Weekly Dvar Torah: Avi & Shea Found The Last Doughnut!

Weekly Dvar Torah:
Avi & Shea find the last doughnut!

“Shea!” Avi screamed. “There’s no more doughnuts!”

“Oy Avi,” Shea responded, “There’s always more doughnuts…”

Avi began looking far and wide for more doughnuts, he went to every bakery in Crown Heights, but to his utter shock, they were all closed! what type of bakery is closed at 1 AM!

Next, he went from door to door in CH but nobody had doughnuts, he went to his trusted friend and fellow launcher Shea and said: “My dear friend, there is no more doughnuts in the world, I don’t know what else to do, I’ve tried everything.”

Avi was ready to give up when Shea told him, “Avi if you really cared, if you were really being challenged here you would find a way!”

With his newfound hope, Avi began looking for doughnuts until finally, he found the very last jelly doughnut squashed between the cushions of his couch and devoured it.

Shea smiled and told Avi the following story:

“A few thousand years ago, when the Jewish people were under greek rule, there was one small group of Jews who decided to stand up to them, they were called the Maccabees.”

“Shea I know this story, it’s the story of Chanukah!” Avi said while licking the confectionary sugar off his lips.

“Right!” Shea responded, “but let me finish.”

“How did this small group win against the strong and mighty greeks? it was this passion and drive, the challenge that came up against them, that empowered them to gain the strength and trust that they can fight the greeks.

You see, just like the Maccabees found that one jug of oil with the seal of the Kohen Gadol, we all have that one jug of oil inside of us waiting to be discovered, and we are challenged, and yet we throw ourselves into serving Hashem then that spark inside of us is revealed and allows us to overcome the challenge!”

Tayere Launchers, when you feel like the world is against you and life is too hard, remember that it is these moments that give you the strength to overcome the battle!


Wishing you and your family a Happy Chanukah!

Don’t forget to go on Mivtzaoim this Chanukah and send in your pictures to to win amazing prizes!


Secrets From The Head Staff: Setting Up Tustin! Part Three

Secrets From The Head Staff:
Setting Up Tustin! Part Three

We left off where the head counselors discovered that Mendel Backman will be the head counselor and the head counselors were gonna be waiters!

Instantly upon hearing the news Levi Shemtov got very excited and ran to the kitchen to put on an apron and get to work.

Levi Katz and Mendel Azimov on the other hand were not too excited. in fact they were upset!

They ran into Levi Raichiks office to demand an explanation.

Levi explained to them that he didn’t intend for this to happen but he’s too scared of Mendel Backman to make issues with him.

With no other choice the head counselors went to the kitchen to start working.

The head waiters arrived and started waiter training. The first thing they had to do was practice ignoring campers when they ask for cheese by breakfast. Levi Shemtov pretended to be a camper asking for cheese and Levi Katz was the waiter, they both did a great job and they moved on to stage two.

Now they had to practice pretending that there was no more hotdogs for refills, but Mendel Azimov did a very not good job convincing people that there were no more hotdogs because he always held three hotdogs in his hand ready to eat!

Finally they had to practice serving food under a lot of pressure which all the head staff did a terrible job at!

The head waiters went to Levi Raichiks office to complain, but when they got there they saw Mendel Backman sitting in Levis chair! They asked Levi what happened and he said that Mendel Backman told him that he’s the new director and there’s nothing that he can do about it.

Mendel Backman informed the head staff that they can have their job backs, they were overjoyed. When they looked at the clock they noticed that they only have 30 minutes till the campers arrive!

They quickly tucked in their shirts and went to sleep.

about 3 hours later the launchers woke them and up and told them its time for the speech, they rolled into the shul and gave their speech.

That night Mendel Backman decided that Levi Raichik can be the director on condition that everyone has to wish him a happy birthday every single day!

Obviously everyone agreed and that was it.

And thus concludes the story behind setting up tustin!

Tune in next week for a new secret behind the head staff!



Memory Monday: Moshiach War First Night!

Memory Monday:
Moshiach War (Second Session) First Night!

This year in Gan Yisroel we didn’t only have Hiskashrus War – we even had a Moshiach War!


Gan Yisroel 5782 broke GYYR history by having the first ever FRIDAY NIGHT GRAND SING in  Gan Yisroel Detroit history!

Give yourselves a pat on the back! you deserve it! this is a big deal!

Enjoy this short video recap of the beginning moments of this special day in Gan Yisroel!


Week In Review With The Launchers 3

Week In Review With The Launchers 3

Oh wow!
That was a crazy week!

On Sunday, your Launchers, Shea and Avi went to Boro Park because they heard that there is free falafel there, and as many of you guys may have heard, the prices for falafel in NYC raised up, so Avi and Shea went to go get falafel so that they can sell it and make money so they pay for the gyyr magazines to get printed, and guess what it worked! Avi and shea sold the falafel to bmd hc mordechai rosinsweig for 150$!

Monday was pretty calm.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Avi and Shea decided to learn for 48 hours straight, it lasted about 3 minutes, so after that, they decided to go on a run for an hour to lose weight, which lasted only about 2 minutes. Basically, Avi and Shea decided to go launch some random people in Crown heights, the first person they met was a big mashpia R’ Shlomo Zarchi, Shlomo asked Avi and Shea what the whole inyan of launcher is? So Avi and Shea explained to him what it is, Reb shlome decided that this is something which needs to be taught to all the bochurim learning in 770 (Reb Shlome is the mashpia in 770) he asked us to come and give a speech to the bochurim, of course we agreed, and we are actually now preparing a class for them!

On Thursday it was Yud Daled Kislev, the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s wedding anniversary, in honor of this special day the gyyr team made a gyyr zoom rally! Bh over 60 campers and staff joined an amazing program! Joined by guests rabbi Chaim Mentz, rabbi Zvi Hershkowitz and many more, also there were amazing raffles at the end!

On motzei shabbos, the launchers along with levi shemtov, and Arik Deren, made visits to a number of houses in NY for mini gyyr reunions!!


Dvar Torah: Parshas Vayishlach – Avi & Shea go to a petting zoo!

Dvar Torah: Parshas Vayishlach
Avi & Shea Go To A Petting Zoo

As Avi and Shea rode in the back of a taxi on the way to a special, exclusive petting zoo, they spoke about all the cool animals they were gonna see!

Shea was especially excited to see the chickens because chicken was his second favorite food after pizza of course!

Avi wasn’t as excited about seeing the chickens, he wanted to see the goats because they have cool beards!

Eventually, they arrived at the petting zoo and got right to petting the animals. Avi wanted to ride the chickens but they didn’t let him.

As they were preparing to leave after about an hour they noticed there was one more animal that they didn’t visit – Chamor the donkey!

They went to the donkey and Avi told Shea a funny joke:

“What did the donkey say to the couch?”


“Nothing! because donkeys can’t talk!”

As Avi and Shea rolled on the floor laughing the Donkey laughed with them!

Shea launched in the air so high that it took 5 minutes till he landed back on earth!

“Did the donkey just laugh?” Avi asked Shea, “I think so” Shea responded.

Then the donkey introduced himself “Hi, I’m Chamor the donkey!”

Shea launched so high this time that it took a half-hour till he landed again!

The donkey saw that they were shocked so he decided to Chazer a Dvar Torah he heard that week to lighten the mood:

“In this weeks Parsha – Vayishlach, we learn about Yakov sending angels to meet his brother Eisav to tell him that he’s coming from Lavans house and he worked longer than he expected, Yakov also told his angels to tell Eisav that he acquired cattle, donkeys and sheep.

The Midrash explains that when Yakov mentioned the donkey he was referring to Moshiach.

Yakov was telling Eisav that he worked in the physical world in Lavans house and lifted all the sparks of Hashem to the heavens, and he is now ready for Moshiach. Yakov was hoping Eisav would be ready for Moshiach as well and they can go to Moshiach together.

When the Angels returned they told Yakov “We came to your brother, to Eisav” Basically telling Yakov that although you are ready for Moshiach your brother is still Eisav and he is not yet ready and therefore Moshiach can not come yet…”

Avi and Shea still slightly shocked by a talking donkey, were very intrigued by this Torah lesson, they screamed out to the donkey: “Nu? what’s the lesson? How do we launch from this?”

The donkey continued:

“We are the Rebbe’s Kinder, the Rebbe’s Shliuchim, we work on our Avodas Hashem, we do what we need to do etc. But that’s not enough! We need to make sure every Yid is ready for Moshiach! That every Yid is doing their part!

The lesson is that we need to go out into the world and take over! Bring Yiddishkeit to every single Yid, purify the world once and for all and bring Moshiach!”

“WOW,” Avi and Shea said in unison, that’s so inspiring!

Shea looked at Avi and said: “Avi! what are we waiting for lets launch and find every Yid and bring Moshiach!”

The donkey then disappeared into thin air!

Good Shabbos Gan Yisroel!

L’chaim Chassidim!